Tempest Trials+: A Hero’s Mettle

Tempest Trials+: A Hero’s Mettle have now begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! The big rewards this time are the 5★ New Hero Sigrun: Loyal Protector and three Sacred Seals: Sturdy Blow 1, Atk Tactic 1, and Earth Boost 1! You can clear the event maps to raise your score and earn rewards! Daily Summoning Event and more detailed below…

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Fish Goals Now Available!

Fish Goals are available now at Saltwater Shores in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and include the new blue marlin and giant trevally! Catch these fish to complete limited-time goals. Check out Special Goals under Isabelle’s Goals for more details. You can also use nets for help with catching limited-time fish. New fish pictured below…

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Phraeganoth Added To Raid Battles

The featured boss Phraeganoth has been added to Astral Raids in Event Quests in Dragalia Lost. Astral Raids are event quests where you can fight against past raid bosses on the weekends, although you will need to use astral pieces to challenge Astral Raids quests.

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Late Friday Update:Indie World Presentation Announced For Monday, Plus More News!

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Apologies for the late and short update. I literally lost over an hour of notes and will not be using Pages again! Nintendo announced an Indie World video presentation for 19 August with 20 minutes of upcoming Nintendo Switch indie games. Check out the global times and video link here. Continue reading

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bug Off

The third Bug Off bug-catching event (‘Mushitori Taikai’ in Japan) of the year will begin in Animal Crossing: New Leaf between 09:00–18:00 tomorrow, with the Awards ceremony taking place in Nat’s tent from 18:00–21:00. Receive an Insect set item if you hand over a record-breaking bug worth at least 80 points.

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New Yokai Reveal For Paid Yo-kai Watch 4 Update

Level-5 have revealed details of the upcoming paid update for Yo-kai Watch 4 which is scheduled for 2019 and finally unlocks Multiplayer where you can enjoy new battles with friends and family! It adds a whole lot more extra yokai will appear, along with many other various revisions incoming! Full list of yokai added below Many thanks to BlackKite for the translations. Buy the game here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off!

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Pokémon Sword/Shield Adds Battle Stadium, Hidden Abilities, And More!

In new Pokémon Sword/Shield information: the game will feature a Battle Stadium where you can challenge rival Trainers including in Casual Battles and Ranked Battles in either Single Battle or Double Battle formats. There are two kinds of Online Competitions: Official Competitions and Friendly Competitions. Rental Teams let you borrow Battle Teams easily by inputting IDs available online.

New in-game items include: Room Service which will lower the holder’s Speed when the move Trick Room is successfully used, and Eject Pack which switches out your battling Pokémon if its stats are lowered!

Some Pokémon caught in Max Raid Battles have rare Abilities known as Hidden Abilities, which differ from their usual Abilities! There’s also a chance you’ll encounter Pokémon that can Gigantamax in Max Raid Battles, and some Pokémon that can Gigantamax and have a Hidden Ability! New video added below…

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Indie World Announced

Nintendo of America and Europe have announced an Indie World presentation for Monday 19 August at 06:00 PT/09:00 ET/14:00 BST/15:00 CEST/22:00 JST, featuring roughly 20 minutes of information on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch! Video link added below…

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TETRIS 99 × Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo have announced the 6th Grand Prix/Maximus Cup/Teto 1 Cup for TETRIS 99 taking place between 23-27 August, where scoring 100 event points will unlock you a Fire Emblem: Three Houses collaboration theme. Buy a physical copy of the game here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Coffee Talk Moved to January

Chorus Worldwide have announced that the Japanese release of the coffee making and heart-to-heart talk simulation game Coffee Talk from Toge Productions has also been pushed back to January 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Announcement trailer added below…

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Free 5★ Summon Event!

These four Heroes have special versions, and you can get one for free in this Free Summon Event in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Hero you choose is guaranteed to appear as a 5★ Hero. You can only get one, so think carefully about who to choose! More events detailed below…

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New Event Items Available for Reissue Crafting!

New item sets from previous events have been made available for Reissue Crafting in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with Garden Event: Redd’s Summer Festival and Garden Event: Bloomin’ Booty with Kapp’n. Images added below…

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Dragon Quest Rivals Masters Cup

Square-Enix have announced that the finals of the Dragon Quest Rivals Masters Cup will take place at the Tokyo Game Show on 15 September with a prize of ¥1 million ($9,500), Dragon Quest Ⅹ All In One Package (with 100 million G), and Nintendo Switch Dragon Quest XI S Set Loto Edition. More information can be found on the official webpage. Introduction video for the 8th card pack added below…

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