Yo-kai Watch 4++ Adds More Yokai

New screenshots and artwork Yo-kai Watch 4++ showcasing the game’s new Pura-pura Busters multiplayer mode, several new quests, new and returning yokai, and the Jibanyan & Jinpei Yo-kai Y medal which is free for early physical purchases. The game releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on 05 December. Pre-order here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Vasara Collection Will Add Button Remapping

Chorus Worldwide have announced that VASARA Collection will be patched allowing the controller buttons to be remapped. However, a lot of work is required so the update may take sometime. The collection is now available priced at ¥1,600.

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Blaster Master Zero 2 Adds Copen

Inti Creates have announced that Blaster Master Zero 2 will add Copen “The Adept Slayer” (known as “Acura” in Japan) from the Azure Striker Gunvolt series as DLC in the near future with the character playable at the Digital Games Expo 2019 this weekend in Akihibara.

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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays DLC PV

The additional DLC promo video for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays featuring Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. The game releases for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam on 28 November. Pre-order here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Nintendo Switch eShop Charts

  1. Pokémon Sword (Pokémon)
  2. Pokémon Shield (Pokémon)
  3. Romancing SaGa 3 (Square-Enix)
  4. Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!! (Taito)
  5. Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Nintendo)
  6. Diablo III Eternal Collection (Blizzard Entertainment)
  7. The Stretchers (Nintendo)
  9. Snowboarding The Next Phase (RedBullMediaHouse)
  10. Juicy Realm (X.D. Network)
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Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Postponed

Capcom have announced they have changed the release date of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (known as “Rockman Zero & Zx Double Hero Collection” in Japan) from 23 January to 27 February 2020 in order to further improve the quality. The titles will be playable at Jump Festa ’20 next month.

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Override: Mech City Brawl Fighting Video

Fighting video for Override: Mech City Brawl – Super Charged Mega Edition (known as “Override Kyodai Mecha Dairantou Super Charged Edition” in Japan) which releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on 12 December. Pre-order the packaged version here – use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Thursday Update:Pokémon Sword & Shield Launches in Japan, Plus Much More News!

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Pokémon Sword / Shield is now available on the Japanese Switch eShop and at retail in a few hours. The games currently occupy the top two positions on the eShop (Sword > Shield). Check out the Famitsu cover here with the inside back cover advert to be posted tomorrow! Continue reading