Japanese Rail Sim 3D Thomas Being Removed

Sonic Powered will be removing the Thomas the Tank Engine-licensed Japanese Rail Sim 3D game Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi: Kikansha Thomas-hen Oigawa Tetsudou from the Japanese 3DS eShop on 21 June 2019 at 17:00 JST where it is currently priced at ¥6,264. No reason was given, but it is likely due to licensing reasons. You can still buy the physical version here – use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off!

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Latest Japanese eShop Sales

ONE PIECE Game Festival (22 July – 31 August)

-One Piece Unlimited World R – Wii U version (¥7,171 → ¥3,700)

-One Piece Unlimited World R – 3DS version (¥6,151 → ¥3,200)

-One Piece Super Grand Battle! X (¥6,145 → ¥4,300)

Cosen Wii U Summer Sale (27 July – 10 August)

-Fullblast (¥500 → ¥400)

-Puddle (¥900 → ¥720)

-Karakuri Wooden Sen’Sey (¥1,000 → ¥800)

-99Moves (¥300 → ¥240)

-Super Toy Cars (¥900 → ¥720)

-Darts UP (¥200 → ¥160)

-Kung Fu Rabbit (¥600 → ¥480)

Collavier Corporation Summer Vacation Sale! (27 July – 10 August)

-Comic Workshop 2 (¥1,000 → ¥850)

-Comic Workshop (¥500 → ¥350)

-Custom Monsters (¥800 → ¥650)

-Drawing Workshop Plus (¥500 → ¥350)

Starsign Summer Vacation ¥100 Uniform Sale! (27 July – 10 August)

-Star★Series: Magic Bubble (¥200 → ¥100)

-Star★Series: Cute Witch (¥200 → ¥100)

-Alien Panic! (¥200 → ¥100)

-Encounter Ball (¥200 → ¥100)

-Ping-Pong Trick Shot (¥200 → ¥100)

-Ping-Pong Trick Shot 2 (¥200 → ¥100)

Professor Layton Half-Price Sale (27 July – 31 August)

-Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (¥3,086 → ¥1,543)

-Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (¥5,143 → ¥2,572)

Inazuma Eleven Half-Price Sale (27 July – 31 August)

-Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3: Endou Mamoru Densetsu (¥5,966 → ¥2,933)

-Inazuma Eleven GO: Shine (¥5,966 → ¥2,933)

-Inazuma Eleven GO: Dark (¥5,966 → ¥2,933)

-Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone – Neppuu (¥5,657 → ¥2,829)

-Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone – Raimei (¥5,657 → ¥2,829)

-Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy: Big Bang (¥5,657 → ¥2,829)

-Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy: Super Nova (¥5,657 → ¥2,829)

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Movie Anniversary Sale! (20 July – 31 August)

-Corpse Party: Blood covered: …Repeated fear. (¥6,264 → ¥1,620)

Thomas the Tank Engine Launch Edition Sale! (20 July – 17 August)

-Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen no Tabi: Nagaragawa Tetsudou Hen (¥6,264 → ¥3,980)

-Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen no Tabi: Kashima Rinkai Tetsudou Hen (¥6,264 → ¥3,980)

-Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen no Tabi: Eizan Densha Tetsudou Hen (¥6,264 → ¥3,980)

Arc System Works Summer Vacation Sale First Edition (20 July – 10 August)

-WORLD CONQUEROR 3D (¥610 → ¥400)

-The Sky Fighters ~Thorium War~ (¥700 → ¥400)

-Radio Hammer (¥500 → ¥300)

-Gourmet Dream (¥800 → ¥500)

-Convenience Store Dream (¥800 → ¥500)

-Shippuu no Usagi-Maru: Nazo no Karakuri Shiro (¥600 → ¥400)

-Shippuu no Usagi-Maru: Megumi no Tama to Fuuma no Shirushi (¥510 → ¥300)

-ARC STYLE: Baseball!! 3D (¥510 → ¥300)

-Cube Creator 3D (¥800 → ¥600)

PUMO 50% off! Summer Sale! (6 – 27 July)

-Gunma’s Ambition (¥500 → ¥250)

-DOOORS (¥500 → ¥250)

-Shinjuku Dungeon (¥600 → ¥300)

-Tool Shop’s Kingdom (¥800 → ¥400)

Rainy Frog 3DS Summer Sale! (13 – 27 July)

-Musicverse Virtual Keyboard (¥800 → ¥560)

-2048 (¥300 → ¥210)

-TOKI TORI 3D (¥400 → ¥280)

-CUBIT (¥300 → ¥210)

-Tsunagare Numbers (¥400 → ¥280)

Rainy Frog Wii U Summer Sale! (13 – 27 July)

-Momonga Pinball Adventures (¥500 → ¥350)


-Mud Attack! Max Vs Dorodoro Seijin – Mutant Mudds (¥500 → ¥350)

-XTYPE+ (¥400 → ¥280)

-Hirameki Puzzle Tetogram (¥400 → ¥280)

-EDGE (¥400 → ¥280)

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Thomas the Tank Engine returns to 3DS

In breaking news: the seventh Sonic Powered Tetsudou Nippon! (Japanese Rail Sim 3D) game will hold the Thomas the Tank Engine license. Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi: Kikansha Thomas-hen Oigawa Tetsudou! (or Tetsudou Nippon! Kikansha Thomas for short!) will release in late July for ¥6,264. The game is based on the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture which features a functioning Thomas the Tank Engine train!

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Learn and Play with Thomas review

Not to be confused with Avanquest Software’s Thomas and Friends Steaming Around Sodor released in the West; Kazuto ABC and Words to Learn and Play with Thomas was published by Nippon Colombia in Japan on 31 July 2014, although sadly only surviving twenty months before being removed from the eShop due to presumed licensing issues. Learn and Play with Thomas (rather predictably) follows in the tracks of both of Rocket Company’s’ Kikansha Thomas titles on Nintendo DS in being directed towards pre-school children.


Learn and Play with Thomas features two main gameplay areas: the first featuring twelve stages each containing several levels based around themes such as hiragana, katana, ABC, numbers and shapes. Occasionally there’s an ‘action’ orientated level involving moving the stylus in a circular motion to control Thomas before a random animal does a Snorlax impersonation on the track (mowing the animal down is unsurprisingly not an option) although the bulk of gameplay consists of selecting the correct answer from a choice of four.


Each level consists of five questions with a majority answered correctly resulting in the Fat Controller giving you a piece of track in order to reach the next level. The player is also rewarded with a picture book with 156 total characters to find and a video book with seventeen videos featuring a scene from the Thomas series. The second area involves a choice of hiragana, katana or ABC language with a Thomas character, animal or other inanimate object representing the letter and the player then able to draw the letter with his/her stylus!


Kazuto ABC and Words to Learn and Play with Thomas is not a game that will appeal to many readers of this blog but for those with small children that enjoy the Thomas the Tank Engine characters, and who want to learn hiragana, katana and ABC could do far worse than Nippon Colombia’s Thomas title. Unfortunately it is both arguably overpriced (at ¥5,184) due to the relatively limited amount of content offered, and is secondary to both recent Anpanman titles in being the ultimate pre-school learning experience on Nintendo 3DS.


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Latest 3DS Themes


This week’s themes include the above One Piece theme (¥200) alongside Thomas the Tank Engine (¥200), Go Princess PreCure (¥200), two more BLAZBLUE (¥100 each), fripSide ‘only my railgun’ (¥200) and MAYU ‘Yoshiwara Lament’ (Y200). As always I’ll add pictures of all below shortly!

Edit: Nintendo have finally updated their image library so here goes…


Thomas the Tank Engine coming to 3DS

Nippon Columbia have announced a Thomas the Tank Engine edutational game for 3DS entitled something like Kazuto ABC: Playing with Thomas and releasing on 31 July priced at ¥4,800 (plus tax). There will be a story mode with the aim of enhancing basic hiragana and katakana by reading and writing (and tracing!). There will also be a museum mode with a picture book and Thomas-y clips. Oh, and here’s the box art…