Super Smash Bros. Invitation Letter Set

The latest My Nintendo reward for Japan is a Super Smash Bros. Invitation Letter Set. Check out more images and details below…

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Green Coloured Spirit Event UPDATED

A green coloured spirit event ‘Green Is the New Black’ has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate where green coloured spirits will invade the Spirit Board. Legend-class spirits Queen Metroid, Celebi, and Link (The Legend of Zelda) will appear at set times. Check out the full list of available spirits below…

Queen Metroid


Link (The Legend of Zelda)

Meloetta (Arla Forme), Rayquaza, Ancient Minister, Whispy Woods, Yarn Yoshi, Metroid, Luigi (Mario Tennis Aces), Blanka, Auto, Flygon, Tyranitar, Venusaur, Master Belch, Don Bongo, Wall-Merged Link, Ezlo, Deku Link, Rattly, Squawks, Wart, Hammer Bro, Snake Man, Chespin, Bellossom, Chikorita, Metapod, Tamagon, Smoky Progg, Draug, Bio Rex, Pitch, Plasma Wisp, Kip, Kritter, and Prince Peasley.

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Racing Game Spirit Event Announced UPDATE

A ‘Taking the Lead’ spirit event has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning this Friday and which features spirits from various racing games heading to the Spirit Board including Legend-class spirit Black Shadow and Ace-class spirits Blood Falcon and Jody Summer appearing at set times. The full list of available spirits added below….

Black Shadow

Jody Summer

Blood Falcon

Jack Levin, Badwagon, B Dasher, Excitebike, Mr. EAD, Zoda, Mighty Gazelle, Octoman, Biddybuggy, Mach 8, Barrel Train, Tractor Trailer, F-Type, MONSTER, Mach Rider, The Skull, Baba, Bio Rex, Kalypso, Kip, Kritter, Standard Bike, Standard Kart, and Cheap Charger.

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Hard ‘n’ Heavy Metal Event UPDATE

The Hard ‘n’ Heavy Metal event has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beginning this Friday featuring spirits with metal bodies crashing onto the Spirit Board. Legend-class spirits Mecha-Fiora and Ness’s Father, along with Ace-class spirit Metal Mario will also appear at set times. Full list of available spirits added below…


Ness’s Father

Metal Mario

Mageama, EVE, Metal Man, Metal Sonic, Aegislash, Metagross, Steelix, Chibi-Robo, Ray Mk II, Duon, Robobot Armour, Heavy Lobster, Gordo, Diggernaut, Mecha Ridley, Darknut, Chain Chomp, Mettaur, Omega, Gamma, Skarmory, Magnetom, Chibi-Tot, Rock Pikmin, Tap-Tap, and Huey.

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Donkey Kong Spirit Event UPDATE

A Kong Family Reunion event has been announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which will see spirits from the Donkey Kong series swing on to the Spirit Board for three days from Friday. Legend-class spirits Donkey Kong & Lady and Kaptain K. Rool, along with Ace-class spirit Rambi will also appear at set times. Full list of spirits added below…

Donkey Kong & Lady

Kaptain K. Rool


Karate Kong, Tiny Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Wrinkly Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, Rattly, Squitter, Squawks, Enguarde, Stanley, Lord Fredrik, Tiki Tak Tribe, Professor Chops, Kalypso, Kip, Ninja Kong, Ellie, Swanky Kong, Zinger, Kritter, Winky, and Expresso.

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Sakurai Discusses 20th Anniversary Of Smash

In notes from the Masahiro Sakurai column in Weekly Famitsu Issue No.1576: he discusses the 20th anniversary of the Super Smash Bros. series and notes that children who played the N64 original Smash are now old enough to play with their own children!

He also notes that he’s been developing games for 30 years, including the original Kirby game, and writing Famitsu columns for 17 years (573 thus far!). Sakurai also notes that he’s also ageing and questions how many years and games he has left.

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