New Sumikko Gurashi Game Available to Preload

The latest Sumikko Gurashi game Sumikko Gurashi Gakkou Seikatu Hajimerun Desu is now available to preload on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop priced at ¥6,264, requiring 263 MB, supporting Japanese only, and launching on 18 July. Preorder the packaged version here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off. Screenshots added below…

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New Sumikko Gurashi Game Announced

Nippon Columbia have announced a third Sumikko Gurashi game for Nintendo Switch with Sumikko Gurashi: Gakkou Seikatu Hajimerun Desu scheduled for 18 July release priced at ¥6,264. Preorder here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off. Check out the official website here with box art and early purchase benefit added below.

Edit: promo video and TV commercial also added below…

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Wednesday Update With Sumikko Gurashi Demo, Dokuro Release, Fortnite Crossplay, Plus Much More News!

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● Nippon Columbia published a demo for the cute Sumikko Gurashi: Atsumare! Sumikko Town game on the Switch eShop. The full game releases on 04 October.

● SE Mobile and Online today published the puzzle platformer Dokuro on the Switch eShop priced at ¥960. Trailer added here.

● Rainy Frog announced the puzzle game Perfect Angle (as PERFECT ANGLE: Illusion Puzzle) on the Switch eShop in Japan on 11 October priced at ¥999. Trailer added here.

● Also announced for the eShop on the 11th is QubicGames with the fighting game One Strike (as One Strike: Ikkiuchi) priced at ¥500 (preload price is 20% off at just ¥350).

● The Skipper Pavilion (Mutsugo Tower) will be the final new Splatoon 2 stage when it’s added in October. Images for the stage posted here.

● Winlight today published the MMORPG Elemental Knights R on the Switch eShop in Japan priced at ¥2,800. The game doesn’t yet have English support, although it’s listed as having so on the developer’s website.

● Hamster’s game this week is the fighting game ACA NEOGEO The King of Fighters 2001 priced at the usual ¥823.

● The Nintendo Switch release of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – CLOUD VERSION will have English language support. The game launches on 05 October.

● The patch solving the save game-killing bug in UNDERTALE is now available to download.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp teased a Halloween-themed event in the image posted here.

Dragalia Lost is now available to download in the Japanese App Store and Google Play Store requiring 2.6 GB and playable from 16:00 JST (00:00 PT) on 27 September.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Grand Conquests arrive with the battlefield this time, the northeastern part of the continent of Jugdral from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

● Sensor Tower report that the Nintendo Switch Online app has been downloaded over five million times (25% of the Switch install base).

● The next Pokémon GO Community Day on 21 October will feature the Steel and Psychic-type Pokémon Beldum.

● Koei Tecmo Games announced the Atelier Arland Series Deluxe Pack for Switch on 04 December in both North America and Europe.

● Koei Tecmo also announced Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World for early 2019 release.

Shin’en Multimedia tweeted: “Hi everyone, if you asked yourself what Shin’en is doing since #FastRMX: News are coming tomorrow for Nintendo Switch!”

Xenoblade 2: Ougon no Kuni Ira (Torna ~ The Golden Country) opened with just 5,697 units sold in Japans. Steins;Gate Elite opened with 13,433 on PS4 and 13,305 on Switch. Full Nintendo charts posted here.

● Members of the Medarotters Fan Club received an email from Imagineer asking a number of questions including what draws them to the Medarot (Medabots) games, what genre they’d like a future game to be, and what platform they’d like it to be on.

Weekly Famitsu review scores include Super Mario Party (34/40), Rockman 11 (32/40), WORK×WORK (32/40), NBA 2K19 (32/40), Sumikko Gurashi (30/40), Flood of Light (27/40), Behind the Screen (29/40), Six Sides of the World Enhanced (27/40) and Bridge Constructor Portal (31/40). 

● Famitsu digital estimates between 30 July and 26 August have Minecraft with 24,098 and Overcooked! 2 with 19,040. Splatoon 2 was the best-selling game (retail plus digital) for the same period.

● Sony announced that Fortnite cross-platform play starts today in open beta across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems.

● And I’ve hosted the full Masahiro Sakurai column from Weekly Famitsu, translated by Source Gaming, here where he talks about Isabelle’s inclusion in Smash and much more.

● Watch the first promo video for Kamen Rider: Climax Scramble Zi-O here.

● A promo video for Nobunaga no Yabou: Taishi with Power-Up Kit here.

● And an avatar change feature introduction video for World of Final Fantasy Maxima here.

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Latest Japanese Videogame Charts 

  1. Pokémon Ultra Sun Moon (3DS)
  2. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
  3. Splatoon 2 (Switch)
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
  5. Kirby Battle Deluxe! (3DS)
  6. Xenoblade 2 (Switch)
  7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)
  8. Tobidase Doubutsu no Mori amiibo+ (3DS)
  9. Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park he Youkoso (Switch)
  10. Girls Mode 4: Star ☆ Stylist (3DS) 
  11. Pokkén Tournament DX (Switch)
  12. 1-2-Switch (Switch)
  13. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch (Switch)
  14. ARMS (Switch)
  15. Sumikko Gurashi: Koko Doko Nandesu? (3DS)
  16. Shingeki no Kyojin 2 ~Mirai no Zahyou~ (3DS)
  17. The Snack World: Trejarers (3DS)
  18. Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

Notes: Famitsu data used. Dates from 04-10 December. New entry bolded. Pokémon Ultra Sun Moon at over 100,000. Nintendo Switch hardware at 193,717 for the week. Full numbers will be posted here shortly. Next week will see Yokai Watch Busters 2.

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This week’s Famitsu review scores! 

This week’s issue (#1513) of Weekly Famitsu saw Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park he Youkoso score 29/40 (8/7/7/7), Ninja Shodown score 25/40 (6/6/7/6), Splasher score 30/40 (8/8/7/7) and Star Ghost score 26/40 (7/6/6/7). Order a retail copy of the magazine here.

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