Aggelos And More Coming to Japan

Another batch of games are coming to Japan including Aggelos, plus a physical Panty Party, and crowdfunding for Super Noda Game Party.

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Panty Party Online Mode Dated

Cosen will be delivering a free Panty Party update next week (February 6, 2020) adding an online mode which includes ranked battles and battle rooms (individual matches and 2 vs 2). Thanks, Siliconera. Release date trailer added below…

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Panty Party Adding Online Support

Cosen have announced that Panty Party will be adding online and local communication support in early Spring 2020 with further details coming in early 2020. The online mode includes ranked battles and battle rooms (individual matches and 2 vs 2). Announcement trailer added below…

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Panty Party to Add 2VS2 Battles

Cosen have announced a free update to Panty Party for later this year which will add local multiplayer for up to 4 people including individual and 2VS2 battles, plus other new functions. The game is also currently 20% off (¥1,200 from ¥1,500). You can still buy the physical version here – use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

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Panty Party Physical Preorder

Preorders are now open for the physical release of the panty action game Panty Party from Japanese studio Cosen along with publisher eastasiasoft. Preorder the standard edition for $29.99 here and the limited edition for $49.99 here. The limited edition includes Collector’s Box, Manual, Soundtrack, Minicase, Panties, Stickers, and Game. Use the code JPNINTENDO for $3 off, there’s also free shipping worldwide! Check out the trailer below…

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Panty Party Release Details

Cosen have announced that the fast-paced battle game Panty Party will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop world-wide in late April/early May. Cosen also revealed that a retail release is planned for outside of Japan. Many thanks to Naruki. Trailer added below…

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