Miitomo RPG is back! 

The three “A world of swords and sorcery! MiitomoRPG” stages are available on Miitomo Drop for the next three days with a number of items including Wandering Warrior Outfit, Well-Used Sword, Mage’s Cowl and Robes and a Magic Staff! All items pictured below…

Villager Outfit

Hero Kanji T-Shirt

Wandering Warrior Outfit

Well-Used Sword

Dancer’s Outfit (Top)

Dancer’s Outfit (Trousers)

Female Knight’s Armour

Queen’s Sword

Mage’s Cowl

Mage’s Robes

Evil King Kanji T-Shirt

Magic Staff

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Persona 5 is voted the best RPG game of all time 

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Persona 5 was voted the best RPG game of all time by the readers of the magazine beating Dragon Quests, Final Fantasies and Chrono Trigger! Actually a fairly surprising list with as many modern titles as older classics. Only seven games on Nintendo consoles. Check below for the full top twenty…

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Lost Sphear announced for Nintendo Switch 

Square Enix have announced a brand new JRPG Lost Sphear for Nintendo Switch from the I Am Setsuna team, Tokyo RPG Factory due for released in Fall 2017. This is from Nintendo of America (where it is scheduled for localisation in early 2018): “As an ominous power threatens the fabric of reality, a young man chosen by destiny must arise to face a phenomenon never seen before.” Website at the source and trailer below…

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