JALECO License Catalog Website Opens

City Connection have opened up a JALECO License Catalog website for business partners looking to use the Jaleco IP for games, goods, events, and collaboration for game design using the IPs. Check out the full list below…

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Jaleco and Sunsoft Collections Announced

City Connection have announced a series of Rom Cassette Collection titles with the first being the previously announced Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Collection. Newly announced are both a Jaleco Collection (which includes Exerion, Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai. Argus, Rod Land, Youkai Club and the unreleased Soldam for Famicom) and Sunsoft Collection (which includes The Wing of Madola, Raf WORLD, Battle Formula, and Hebereke), with a fourth collection also in the works. Ninja JaJaMaru-kun Collection has been confirmed for Switch, whilst the other collections are assumed, but unconfirmed, for Switch.

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City Connection Acquire Zerodiv

City Connection Co., Ltd. have announced they have acquired Zerodiv Inc. with Takayuki Harakami (founder of Zerodiv and former Psikyo employee being made Executive Officer of City Connection. City Connection have previously released Soldam, Penguin Wars, and Psyvariar Delta games on the Nintendo Switch console and essentially now own both the Jaleco and Psikyo IP.

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