Gigantamax Pokémon Leaked

The December 2019 issue of CoroCoro Ichiban appears to leak Gigantamax Eevee, Pikachu, Meowth, and Charizard for Pokémon Sword / Shield. The magazine is out on 21 October in Japan. It’s unknown whether this will be part of the Pokémon news due later today. Post to be updated with official images once available. CoroCoro Ichiban cover added below.

Edit: see this post for official artwork and trailer.

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Nintendo Reselling Pokémon Let’s Go Bundles

Nintendo have announced they are reselling the Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! Nintendo Switch bundles from today in Japan where they are priced at ¥41,018 each. Design images added below…

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Pokémon Spirits Coming To Smash

From 14 December, if you have play data of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee on your Nintendo Switch, you’ll automatically unlock a Partner Pikachu or Partner Eevee Spirit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (corresponding to which version of the game you have)! Both will also be added to the game at a future date by completing challenges.

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Eevee × Tamagotchi Announced 

Bandai have officially announced the Eevee × Tamagotchi for release on 26 January 2019 priced at ¥2,484 each. The two versions are Eievui × Tamagotchi Daisuki Eievui ver. (brown) and Eievui × Tamagotchi Colourful Friends ver. (pink). Eight different evolutions are featured along with original costumes. More images added below…

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Four New Pokémon Trademarks

Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Co., Ltd. and Game Freak Inc. have applied for new trademarks in Japan for Eevee (English word). ヤドン / YADON (Japanese and English words), ロコン / ROKON (Japanese and English words) and アローラロコン / ALOLA ROKON (Japanese and English words).

Please note: Yadon is the Japanese name for Slowpoke and Rokon is the Japanese name for Vulpix. Actual trademark applications added below (four x four pages) covering everything from ‘program for home video game machine’ to ‘pizza’ to ‘small birdcage’, although not actually ‘kitchen sink’ (it actually specifies this!)…

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