Pokémon art book, COMGnet rankings, Monster Hunter videos and more

● The above image is the Pokémon Sun Moon art book cover free with each pre-order of the game at Pokémon Centers in Japan. Go here for full details with more news below…

● In COMGnet pre-orders: Pokémon Moon is 217, Pokémon Sun is 216 and the Double Pack is 100. Monster Hunter Stories is just 22;-(

● And in COMGnet sales: Yokai Watch 3 is 165 (but discounted), Dragon Ball Fusions is 76, Etrian Odyssey V is 49, Pazudora X is 43, Kirby Planet Robobot is 36, Pokémon ORAS is 35 and Minecraft is 32. Sales are up due to holidays.

Tsutaya too show Yokai Watch 3 on top (Sushi > Tempura) and is not discounted, Dragon Ball Fusions and Etrian Odyssey V are next followed by the God and Dragon chapters of Pazudora X (unsure where they would position combined).

● A long gameplay video of Monster Hunter Stories here and monster videos of Yian Kut-Ku, Arzuros and Zinogre subspecies.

● In Miitomo ‘news’: the second “The sneakiness intensifies! Ninja Stars #2” stage is now available in Miitomo Drop.

● Really low on news stories Nintendo Co., Ltd. stocks closed at 22,065 (up 0.3%) and Pokémon GO is #5 in Japan (overtaken by ‘Hidden my game by mom – escape room’!) and #3 on the top grossing.

● Finally, check out my review for Neutopia here. I failed in my quest for 5 Wii U eShop reviews in 5 days but I did manage 4 in 8!

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Work for Nintendo, Comgnet rankings, new videos and more

● Just a quick update as I have a blister on my thumb from beating Street Fighter II on my PC Engine, and as Ryu no less (I’m usually Blanka!). The game is SO good and I just hope Capcom bring it to the Wii U Virtual Console soon. Oh, and the image is Team Callie from @SplatoonJP. Now onto some actual news…

Nintendo Co. Ltd. are looking for smart device game developers and software engineers here. No revelations in the job listing although they are looking for people with Unity, Cocos2d-x and Unreal Engine experience.

● In Comgnet notes: Monster Hunter X purchases receive a free 3DS game (from a selection) until 31 July, hence its reemergence in the charts (37 points). Trio of Towns second week is 47 points with poor openings for Shovel Knight (14 points) and Zero Time Dilemma (8 points).

Yokai Watch 3 is up to 331 pre-orders on Comgnet, Etrian Odyssey V is at 90, Pazudora X is at 67 with Dragon Ball Fusions at 30.

● If you haven’t noticed yet, you now earn 2 Platinum Points for answering the (now) daily Miitomo featured question. Oh, and the second Sparkling Night Sky! Starlight Series Miitomo Drop stage is now available.

● A Pokémon Denim Pouch (for New Nintendo 3DS LL) and Canvas Box (for Wii U Game Pad) are coming to Japan 25 August. Go here for more info and pics.

● The Japanese trailer for the Azure Striker Gunvolt OVA is here.

● A trailer for the Japanese Wii U announcement for Terraria here with the box art here.

● A 15 second TV commercial for Aikatsu Stars! First Appeal here and the thirty second version here.

● A new Dragon Ball Fusions promo video here.

999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward are both being ported to new platforms (none were specified). -CHASE- Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ is coming to North America too although the Japanese user reviews are horrible.

● Don’t forget that Pac World 1 and 2 will permanently be reduced on the Wii U eShop from Wednesday (¥4,000 → ¥2,000 and ¥5,119 → ¥2,560 respectively).

● Rockruff and Komala footage from Pokémon Sun Moon here taken from the Pokémon National Championships held in Hong Kong (thanks to Serebii).

● And to finish, my favourite Splatoon Memories entrant pictured here by まるピンク. Thanks for following and have a great Fourth of July!

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E3 preview and a few news tidbits

● It seems the E3 expectations get lower and lower each year. This year’s event will feature no NX news, Wii U is in its final year with little of note other than The Legend of Zelda and Paper Mario: Color Splash to look forward to, 3DS will receive more focus but it too is also at the end of its life-span. I don’t honestly see a new F-Zero, Metroid is presumably for NX (yes, I know. Federation Force!), Female Link is too obvious a guess, so I can see either one to three (probably two!) of the following:

– Game collections (Mother series and/or Fire Emblem – and if not Mother series then Mother 3 for Wii U Virtual Console)
– Game updates (Mario Kart 8, Splatoon and/or Super Mario Maker)
– Spin-offs (a Splatoon character game on 3DS and/or a.n.other)
– HD remasters (Super Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword and/or Path of Radiance).

Obviously this is just speculation. The Nintendo E3 page is at http://e3.nintendo.com/ and expect coverage of everything Japanese related to begin here tomorrow.

● New artwork from The Legend of Zelda Wii U/NX here.

● New Miitomo Shop items. Here’s the rundown: “What year is this?! The Dino Egg is here!
Baggy clothes and cute dino eggs are among the new items that have been added to the shop! Rumour has it that the shop’s owner went back in time to acquire these particular treasures. That might seem like a desperate measure just to find a decent pair of harem trousers, but these items were worth the trip!”

● A Gyakuten Saiban 6 TV commercial at https://youtu.be/HsqXUn7SEeU and Psychic Vision video at https://youtu.be/lNMpUpELyeU

● A Mighty No. 9 livestream on Thursday at 21:30 JST over on niconico.

Comgnet rankings have Gyakuten Saiban 6 with 194 points and in reservations: Yokai Watch 3 has 226 points with Etrian Odyssey V and the new Story of Seasons 70 points apiece.

● Check out my first Wii U review for Kemono Dash! here. I’ll try to post some more Japanese only Wii U reviews soon. Finally, my prayers and best wishes are to everybody affected by the Orlando tragedy.

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