My Nintendo App Released

Nintendo have released a My Nintendo app for Android devices on the Google Play store in Japan. The app delivers Nintendo news, allows you to watch videos (including Nintendo Directs), find and purchase Nintendo Switch software, view Switch, 3DS, and Wii U play records (as long as your Nintendo Account/Nintendo Network ID is linked), and ‘check-in’ using a QR code at Nintendo TOKYO or at live events. The app requires 6.8 MB to download. An iOS version is expected at a later date. We’ll update this post as soon as it arrives. Many thanks to Naruki for the heads-up! Check out our updated Mobile page for a full list of available first-party apps, stickers, and themes. Images added below. Edit: it’s also now available on the App Store in Japan for iOS devices requiring 30.3 MB (please note there are huge discrepancies between file sizes across devices and webpages).

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Mario Kart Tour Wins Excellence & Creative Awards

Nintendo’s smartphone racing game Mario Kart Tour won both the Excellence user category award and Creative category award in the Google Play Best of 2019. The game is also featured on the “Blockbusters Reborn” Game Trend of the Year list on the Japanese App Store alongside Dr. Mario World, Pokémon Masters, and more. Please note that the awards vary upon region. These awards are purely based on Japan.

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Dr. Mario World Wins Cute & Casual Award

Nintendo and LINE’s smartphone puzzle game Dr. Mario World won the Cute & Casual category award in the Japanese Google Play Best of 2019. The game also appears in the “Blockbusters Reborn” Game Trend of the Year feature on the Japanese App Store along with Mario Kart Tour, Pokémon Masters, and more.

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