LEGO Super Mario Adds Beware of Boo

LEGO have updated the LEGO Super Mario smartphone app to Ver. 1.2.8 adding all new Play Challenges, beginning with “Beware of Boo”!

The first LEGO Super Mario Play Challenge is “Beware of Boo”, where after starting a new course, Boo will chase after LEGO Mario! Play out your course as normal, but be careful: collecting coins will make Boo appear! When Boo is looking, don’t move LEGO Mario! You can even earn extra coins by avoiding Boo as many times as you can while still completing your course. More Play Challenges are set follow in the near future!

Have LEGO Mario step on one of the ghosts after making a course in order to start playing “Beware of Boo”! Ghost characters include Boo (available in the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set), King Boo (available in the King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set), and Peepa (available in the LEGO Super Mario Character Packs). If you don’t have a ghost character, you can still play by pressing the “Activate & play now” button!