Pikmin Short Movies

Pikmin Short Movies & Demo Available

Nintendo have released Pikmin Short Movies HD on the official Nintendo YouTube channel and a Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo on the Switch eShop.

PIKMIN Short Movies HD

The Pikmin are usually only encountered in the realm of video games, but on this occasion they have been plucked from their natural environment and thrown into the world of computer animation where they’re starring in the following three Pikmin Short Movies

Episode 1「The Night Juicer」

In this short movie, Captain Olimar prepares his favourite drink.

Episode 2「Treasure in a Bottle」

In this short movie, the Pikmin encounter a most peculiar treasure.

Episode 3「Occupational Hazards」

In this short movie, the Pikmin deal with some very perilous work conditions on a building site.

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