Secrets of Me Coming to Switch

D3 Publisher are bringing the otome visual novel Secrets of Me to the Nintendo Switch eShop next week with a demo now available!

Secrets of Me (known as Stalking Love in Japan) is a game where, after getting plastic surgery, you can stalk a hot guy to get him to fall in love with you! It supports Japanese, English, and Traditional Chinese, requires 395 MB to download, and is priced at ¥1,580. It releases on September 24, but a demo is now available to download, along with new demos for both AVICII Invector from H2 Interactive and Zoids Wild Infinity Blast from Takara Tomy Arts. Check out the story for Secrets of Me below with promo video to follow.

Having unrequited love for Yamada Ichiro, the protagonist decides to get plastic surgery in order to attract his attention. By chance, a detective teaches her the fundamentals of covert investigation. With her new skills, she discovers that Ichiro is actually a con artist who tricks women into marrying him. As she becomes depressed, all sorts of cute guys come into her life… She then finds a new goal for herself: to steal them away from their girlfriends. What will become of the protagonist as she wholeheartedly stalks these handsome men?!