Cresteaju Coming to Switch

PLiCy will be publishing a remastered version of the popular indie JRPG Cresteaju on the Japanese Switch eShop later this week.

Cresteaju is a fantasy RPG originally released in 2001. The game boasts a clearing time of over 30 hours and gained immense popularity in the early days of the internet. The Switch version is co-developed by PLiCy and the original developer Shou, and adds various new elements such as improved graphics, voice acting, additional scenarios, and background music.

The game’s story focuses on friendship, memory, and the barriers of time, and revolves around a mythological tale oft told of a man who tore off both of God’s hands and subsequently gained two powers. Such tales are commonly told on the continent of Filgart where a rapidly expanding organisation emerged and chaos threatened the order of the continent.

The Switch version of Cresteaju utilises the Nintendo Ware Bezel Engine with the battle screens now being in a 16:9 ratio with full HD graphics and a 3D field, with additional voice acting on the battle screen and some event scenes, and additional scenarios and BGM written by Shou. Post-game elements have also been added even after clearing.

An additional Retro-style mode is included where you can enjoy chiptune versions of all the background music during the game. Online rankings have also been implemented and which does not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The difficulty has also been adjusted with an in-game Tutorial aimed at less accomplished players.

Cresteaju is scheduled to release on the Japanese Switch eShop on September 17, priced at ¥3,000, and published by PLiCy (Revertia, WWA Collection, Buddy Collection if, etc. Check out the promo video and cast comment videos below. Find out how to play Japanese Switch games at this page and purchase your Nintendo eShop cards at this link.

Nintendo Switch『Cresteaju』PV
「Cresteaju」Cast Comment【Megumi Natsuoshiro/role of Renan】
「Cresteaju」Cast Comment【Hitomi Muraoka/role of Nack】
「Cresteaju」Cast Comment【Kakeru Hota/role of Yumi】
「Cresteaju」Cast Comment【Tomosa Murata/role of Cindy】