Team Chicken Defeat Team Egg!

The results of the second bonus Splatfest are in with Team Chicken answering the conundrum of which came first by defeating Team Egg 2-1!

Chicken vs Egg Splatfest

The first Chicken vs. Egg Splatfest took place in North America, Oceania, and Europe (but not in Japan) in March 2018 with Team Chicken winning 2-1. Team Egg won the Votes by 58.7% to 41.3%, but lost both the Solo Battles and Team Battles by 52.66 to 47.34% and 56.3 to 43.7% respectively.

This rematch took place under the new rules system which came into place in September 2018. Team Egg again won the Votes with 58.08% against just 41.92% for Team Chicken. Chicken also won Normal Rules by 52.46% to 47.54% and Pro Rules by 52.65% to 47.35% to again grab the victory!

Chicken vs Egg Splatfest

Chicken vs. Egg marked the second of the returning Splatfests this year after Team Ketchup defeated Team Mayo 2-1 back in May. Two bonus Splatfests will also be arriving before the end of March 2021, although the themes of the Splatfests haven’t been revealed at time of posting.

This is the fourth Splatoon post this month after the 5th Splatoon Koshien tournament finals won by Another, the Version 5.3.0 update with several adjustments made to a few main weapons, and the INK YOU UP collection newly available at Nintendo TOKYO and the My Nintendo Store.