Illvelo Swamp

Illvelo Swamp Announced For Switch

RS34 have newly announced the vertically scrolling shoot ’em up Illvelo Swamp for Nintendo Switch release this Winter in Japan.

Illvelo Swamp

The Illvelo series began life on the Wii console back in 2008, published and developed by Milestone. A sequel (Illvelo Dillinjah) released on the Japanese 3DS system back in 2014, with Klon handling distribution. After Klon went under, RS34 re-released the game back in 2018. This third game in the series (Illvelo Swamp) is also being handled by RS34 and set to release for Nintendo Switch in Japan this Winter. Illvelo Swamp marks RS34’s second Switch shoot ’em up series revival after Radirgy Swag released on the console last year, and will feature 100 stages of shooting action! More information is expected in the coming weeks with the debut promo video added below…

Illvelo Swamp Promotion

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