Toricky S

Toricky S Coming to Switch

Regista have announced the 2D platform game Toricky S for release on the Japanese Switch eShop on July 2 priced at ¥1,990.

Toricky is an old-school action-adventure game developed by Atelier Melon-Kissa, that features unique mechanics based on fast-flying and physics. Explore immense 2D Zones, and defeat gigantic bosses, to save the Crystar Palace! The number of Crystar in the Switch version is around double the Steam version.

Toricky S requires 421 MB to download and supports Japanese, English, and French text. It’s available for preload now at 25% off (¥1,490) until July 14 where it will then revert to its regular ¥1,990 price. Check out the game description and the Switch version promo video below…

About this game:

Toricky and Momo are two exploring birds, who are always looking for new adventures. They embark on a new quest to a legendary palace where mysterious jewels called “Crystar” are enshrined. But the palace, which should be busy with people, seemed deserted.

What could have happened? Where could everybody have gone? To find the answer to this mystery, you’ll have to use Toricky’s amazing flying abilities to make your way across many zones filled with dangerous traps, and ferocious enemies!


Storming a giant fortress surrounded by psychedelic mushrooms, or diving into heavenly waters infested with wacky piranha, this quest is going to be a challenge. Fortunately, Toricky’s aerial abilities will let you explore each corner of the Crystar Palace’s immense zones!


Even if you want to be a peaceful adventurer, the nasty pirates who have overrun this region don’t share your same view. As a bird you don’t have any weapons, but with Toricky’s super strength, the world will become your weapon! Even a pebble could be a lethal weapon in the hands of Toricky!


Many puzzles will block Toricky’s path. You’ll have to use your wits and the environment around you to solve them.


Various bosses will stand in your way. Fighting against a giant robot ten times taller than you? That’s a piece of cake for our protagonist! Watch the enemy’s movements carefully, find his weaknesses, and strike!