My Butler Coming to Switch

D3 Publisher are bringing the otome visual novel My Butler to the Switch eShop on June 18 where it is now available to preload.

My Butler -or Shitsuji no Prince-sama as it’s known as in Japan- is currently available on Steam. The Switch version features Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese text (there is no voice acting) which you can switch between at anytime. 563 MB is required to download it to your Switch console where it is priced at ¥998. Check out the game description and artwork for the three available butlers below…

What is “My Butler”?

This is a game where you can enjoy falling in love with your personal butler. Each butler is a celebrity; sometimes they’ll approach you softly…and sometimes forcefully. 

The Story

When your aunt asks you to work part-time for her talent agency, you didn’t expect to be asked to live in her mansion for three months! Living together with you as a butlers are an actor, an idol, or a model — all super-famous. But, each one comes with his own problems…

The Guys

A popular actor. He’s arrogant, and likes to tease people. What’s the real intention behind his sweet whispers and doting behavior?

KIRA Yosuke
A famous model who works overseas. He knows how to treat a lady but troubles you every once in a while with his sadistic outbursts.

An idol that everyone’s talking about. Even though he’s blunt and sarcastic, he tries his best to serve you. It seems like he’s been interested in you from the beginning…

You should play this game if…

…you want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
…you like romance novels, manga, or TV shows.
…you like romance games.
…you like idols and celebrities.
…you like butlers.

My Butler is just one of many new games added to the Japanese Switch eShop in today’s big update. Check out the full list of titles, including five new demos newly available this week, at this post.