Daily Update: Over 20 New Switch Games Announced

Today’s Daily Update sees over 20 new Switch games announced including Azur Lane: Crosswave, KonoSuba, Mon Amour, and a new release date for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition finally has a new release date and will be available for Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android on August 27.

Onion Games’ fourth Switch title after Dandy Dungeon, BLACK BIRD, and moon will be the insta-death kissing action game Mon Amour.

Compile Heart will be porting the 3D action shooter Azur Lane: Crosswave to Nintendo Switch on September 17. Promo videos posted here.


Entergram announced the dungeon RPG Kono Subarashii SekaI ni Shukufuku wo!~Kibou no Meikyuu to Tsudoishi Boukenshatachi~Plus for Switch and PS4 release.

Stray Cat Doors 2

PULSMO announced Stray Cat Doors 2 for August 1 release on the Switch eShop and on mobile. the original has been downloaded over 1 million times. Video here.

H2 INTERACTIVE will publish the first-person adventure game Journey to the Savage Planet for Nintendo Switch in Japan on August 20. Box art posted here.

Flyhigh Works announced a packaged release of the roguelike card game Slay the Spire will be available on September 3. Box art posted here.

CAVYHOUSE announced the dungeon crawler farming rougelike RPG Gardeniampoule for Switch release with date TBD. Check out the trailer here.

Silver Chains

Beep announced the first-person horror game Silver Chains for digital release on Switch and PS4 in Japan this Summer. Video posted here.


Beep also announced they will be publishing the puzzle-action adventure game Neversong in Japan this September. Video posted here.

Dungeon and Gravestone

BQM BlockQuest Maker developers Wonderland Kazakiri announced the roguelike dungeon crawler RPG Dungeon and Gravestone for Switch and Xbox One release in 2020. Video here.

Jack Move

So Romantic announced the turn-based RPG Jack Move for Switch, PC, and Mac release in 2021. It’s already up on Steam with video posted.

Neon Noodles

Vivid Helix announced the futuristic food-based puzzle game Neon Noodles will be coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Trailer here.


Glimmer Studio announced the 2D deep sea platform game Glimmer for Switch and Steam with future DLC also confirmed. Trailer here.

Spirit Animal Incorporated announced the multiplayer speed-puzzle action game TopplePOP: Bungee Blockbusters for Switch, PC, and mobile. Video here.


Canari Games announced the 2D cinematic platform game LUNARK for Switch, PC, and Mac. Demo teaser posted here.

Metal Unit

JellySnow Studio announced the side-scrolling roguelike platform game Metal Unit for Switch, PS4, and Steam. Trailer here.

LightDread City

Echopie announced the turn-based adventure puzzle game LightDread City for release on Switch, PC, and smartphones in 2021. Video here.

Aeon Drive

2Awesome Studio’s cyberpunk action platformer Aeon Drive is also set for Japanese release on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Trailer here.


Turtle Cream announced the minimalist and abstract dungeon crawler RP7 for Switch with release date TBD. Gameplay trailer here.

Polygon Treehouse and United Label are set to release the Scandinavian-inspired adventure puzzle game Röki in Japan. Trailer here.

Rhythm Fighter

Coconut Island Games are also scheduled to release the side-scrolling rhythm action game Rhythm Fighter in Japan. Trailer here.

King of the Hat

Business Corp’s upcoming multiplayer fighting/party game King of the Hat will also release in Japan with date TBD. Video available here.

Speaking Simulator

Rainy Frog will localise the social situation simulation game Speaking Simulator on the Japanese Switch eShop in the early Summer.

ORENDA shadow dropped the local multiplayer aerial action game BARON:Fur Is Gonna Fly on the Japanese Switch eShop today. Video here.

Oizumi Amuzio also shadow dropped the playable polar bear endless runner Chicken Rider on the Japanese Switch eShop today.

Shinyuden will be localising the 8-bit inspired platform game Super Wiloo Demake on the Japanese Switch eShop next week (June 4). Trailer here.

DANGEN Entertainment will publish the 2D action-platformed Timespinner on the Japanese Switch eShop on June 4 and it’s now available to preload.

DMMGAMES will now release the bossfight multiplayer game BOSSGARD for Switch in Japan on July 2, with the version now 90% complete.


Ludopium’s abstract, hypnotic, co-op puzzle-game Vectronom is also scheduled for Japanese release. Trailer here.

Dr. Mario World added Dr. Koopa Troopa, Dr. Dolphin, and Assistant Urchin today. Check out the trailer and special skills at this post.

The Mythic Hero Mila: Goddess of Love will arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow with the video announcement available here.

A Nintendo Switch Soft Lineup catalog is now available in-stores and online at this link.

It looks like the next DLC character for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will be Charlotte Cracker according to Ryokutya.

And this week’s Famitsu Most Wanted is posted here with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 again on top!

Many of the new games are taken from the BitSummit Gaiden website so go check it out!