War of Ashird Successfully Funded

Igrasil Studio’s Kickstarter campaign for the strategy RPG War of Ashird has been successfully crowdfunded with delivery expected on 2021 on PC and 2022 on consoles. Game description and promo video added below…

War of Ashird is a unique combination of classic turn-based and grid-based RPGs. In it, you can command your soldiers in strategic battles, conquer enemy kingdoms’ territories, and live as a ruler! The game also has a cast of more than 20 playable characters for you to recruit—each with their own unique personality.

Grid-Based Combat
Choose where to do battle!

The story revolves around Deegan—a young hunter who, through a twist of fate, joins the Kingdom of Ceredia’s army. As a young recruit, you will get promoted, gain lordship over land, and even your own castle!

Ashird’s three powerful nations.

Maybe someday, you’ll rule Ceredia—and if your ambition is great enough, maybe even the whole continent! But will you be a horrible tyrant, or a just king…? The choice is yours!

War of Ashird: coming to PC in 2021 and consoles (such as PS4 and Nintendo Switch) in 2022.

A unique hybrid of grid-based and turn-based combat: In War of Ashird, skirmishes over territory and most story battles are grid-based, with up to 7 characters engaging an enemy army. When fighting bosses or the lord of a given region, however, the game switches to a turn-based battle system with 3 party members instead.

Battle for Territory – Grid-Based Combat
Battle for Territory – Grid-Based Combat
Turn-Based Combat

A world full of possibilities: You can visit 20 cities, each with their own story, character events, and guild quests. By exploring all of them, maybe you’ll uncover some mysteries…?

Town Exploration Menu

A wide cast of playable characters: Interact with over 20 unique characters, each with their own events, personalities, and skills.

In grid-based battles, you can deploy up to 7 characters.

Nation-Specific Mechanics: Each nation has their own battle mechanics to make their armies and cultures feel more distinct!

Own land and become lord of a castle: Who wouldn’t want to be master of their own domain—and who wouldn’t want to expand it further? But wait… if you have a castle, you’ll need a helpful maid to take care of it! As your rank rises in Ceredia, you’ll get your own land, a castle, and one of four lovely servants

As a lord, you decide your people’s fate.

Forge your own story: You can decide how to finish certain tasks and missions, which will shape your character as the game goes on. Are you going to protect your kingdom, or are you going to destroy it—along with everything else? The choice is yours!

Good or evil? The choice is yours!