Kamiko Packaged Version Announced

B-SIDE GAMES will be publishing a packaged version of the action adventure game KAMIKO in Japan on June 11, in Normal and Special Sets, limited to 3,000 copies in total. More details, game description, and pictures below…

The fourth physical release from B-SIDE GAMES after Golf Story, Ise Shima Mystery Annai Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju, and Cat Quest, sees new artwork from Kato Oswaldo, with the game priced at ¥4,300 for the Normal Set and ¥5,700 for the Special Set. Both versions include:-

・ Nintendo Switch software “Kamiko”
・ Original sleeve case
・ Original sticker
・ Special postcard
・ Original soundtrack CD
・ Limited acrylic keychain

The Special Set however features all three acrylic keychains with just random design in the Normal Set.

The soundtrack includes both the original 12 songs plus a bonus 4 songs using an 8bit sound source.

● Soundtrack songs

  1. Kamiko Theme Song
  2. Player Select
  3. Prologue
  4. The Forest of Awakening
  5. The Sunken Relics
  6. The Scorching Labyrinth
  7. The Ruins of Yamataikoku
  8. Fight to the Death
  9. Stage Clear
  10. The Last Battle
  11. Epilogue
  12. Ending Theme

Bonus track(8bit sound source versions)

  1. Kamiko Theme Song
  2. The Forest of Awakening
  3. Fight to the Death
  4. Stage Clear

Languages supported in the game are Japanese, English, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Go here for details of how to pre-order.

KAMIKO is a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs.

Fight as priestesses called “KAMIKO” and battle against demons while solving puzzles to make your way through the stages. 

Look no further if you are looking for an arcade action game with a twist!

Each stage has several Torii (gates) which are magically sealed. Find a way to break all the seals to make your way to the stage boss.

Another fun and easy original created by indie games SKIPMORE.