Traditional Clothing Collection Now Available!

The Traditional Clothing Collection is now available for a limited-time in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Available items include pink hair-bun covers (120x Leaf Tickets), black hair-bun covers (120x), silk hat (40x), red cheongsam dress (150x), purple cheongsam dress (130x), pink traditional dress (140x), black traditional dress (120x), purple traditional coat (120x), red traditional coat (100x), purple traditional pants (50x), black traditional pants (50x) , purple traditional shoes (40x), and red traditional shoes (40x). Notes added below. Purchase the Doubutsu no Mori Pocket Camp Doubutsu to Kagu no Hon book at this link.

· Items that you begin crafting during the crafting period can be collected after the period ends.
· To see if animals can wear an item, check Animal Suitability on the Order Screen in the Craft menu.
· You cannot wear multiple items from the same category at the same time.
· Traditional Clothing Collection items may be available to craft again in the future.