Asano & Takahashi Weekly Famitsu Interview

An excerpt of the Weekly Famitsu interview with Square-Enix’s Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi from the upcoming issue of the magazine. The interview sees Asano apologise for Bravely Second: End Layer, before talking about moving on to develop Octopath Traveler, the smartphone title Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect, and more recently Bravely Default II.

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Famitsu: We think there are a lot of fans who were surprised by the title announcement at the end of last year and the sudden release of early demo at the end of March. First of all, we were surprised that the name of this title is not Bravely Third but Bravely Default II, so how were the details on this development getting started?

Asano: Before I talk about the title name in more detail, first of all please allow me to apologise about Bravely Second. Despite receiving a lot of expectations for Bravely Second, we feel like there were parts that didn’t live up to all fans’ expectations. The introspection from Bravely Second has taken a deep, strong root in production for all titles being worked on by our team right now.

Famitsu: One of those titles is Octopath Traveler that was released in 2018, right?

Asano: Yes. We proceeded on developing Octopath Traveler with that introspection in our chests. At that time, we honestly thought that future expansions of Bravely series would be difficult. Regardless of that, the smartphone team told us “Please let us make a new title in the Bravely series”.

Famitsu: Did that become Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect that was launched in 2017?

Asano: Yes. We were very grateful for the talks, and Fairy’s Effect also made a very good start that it gave a pushing wind to us. ”Now it may be possible to plan for a new title in the Bravely series.” That’s what we thought as we started the project.

Famitsu: What kind of trials-and-errors did you have from there until you decided the title to be Bravely Default II?

Takahashi: This time we returned to our original intentions and decided to renew the world setting and appearing characters, in order to make even users who will touch the Bravely series for the first time able to 100% enjoy it. We thought what title would be good in order to convey that it’s a story about new characters and also a brand-new Bravely title without any misunderstanding…