2nd Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Challenge Rules

Nintendo have announced the rules for the second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Challenge which takes place this Sunday (March 15, 2020), from 19:00-21:00 JST. The tournament score starts from 15,000 and will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the match. Matches will be 1-on-1 rules, with each player having 2 stock. Fights will be 4 minutes in length, FS Meter and Items are both ON, with Stages set to Random. The top 10 players will be sent a certificate at a later date with the top 8 will to invited to compete in the finals in Tokyo on Sunday April 5, 2020, which will be broadcast on YouTube Live and OPENREC.tv. The date of the finals are subject to change due to the current social climate.

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