Monster Hunter Primal Crisis (Part 2)

The next Summon Showcase, Monster Hunter Primal Crisis (Part Two), runs in Dragalia Lost from February 4-17, 2020! This summon showcase features limited-time adventurers and dragons that will also have boosted appearance rates! Get a closer look at the newly featured limited-time adventurer Hunter Sarisse and dragon Dreadking Rathalos below, along with the event trailer.

Featured adventurer:

Hunter Sarisse

Sarisse the hunter, decked out in a full set of
Mizutsune gear. After taking on a request out of
kindness, she now understands the complexity of
life as a hunter—including fighting, gathering,
and crafting. You go, girl! Get that G rank!

Featured dragon:

Dreadking Rathalos

The Dreadking rules the skies, and its massive
body, ebon wings, crimson breath, and noble
pride serve as proof of its sovereignty. It pays
little heed to mere humans, but any fool enough
to violate its territory face a terrible judgment.

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