Mistover Updated

Arc System Works has updated Mistover to Version 1.0.6a on Nintendo Switch and Version 1.0.7 on PlayStation 4 with a number of changes so that players can get more chances to survive and fightback while under Limbo. Check out the full patch notes below. Purchase the physical version here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

Battle Improvements

  • Bleeding
    • Corp Crew’s bleeding skill damages have increased by 150%, while the bleeding effect duration applied to both Corps Crews and monsters has decreased from 3 to 2 turns.
    • You can now reduce the bleeding damages with blocking.
    • You receive the bleeding resistance for 1 turn after you successfully cure the bleeding with skills/items.
    • Reduced the chance of getting “Mist Contamination” jinx to the same level of other jinxes.
  • “Brand”, “Taunt” duration has changed from ‘3 turns’ to ‘3 turns and 3 hits’. They will have 3 turns at first, but every hit will reduce 1 turn.
  • All Mesmerize states excluding “Bleeding” are removed when a Crew member enters Limbo.
  • If a Miss occurs, HIT increase buff will be given to the attacker for 1 turn. It applies to both Corps Crews and monsters.
  • “Stun” state will no longer remain after a battle ends or you escape a battle.
  • Onmyouji’s “Paper Turtle” and Paladin’s “Believe Aegis” balance adjustments.
    • Duration: 5 turns to 3 turns.
    • Skill: Provoke duration ‘3 turns’ to ‘3 turns and 3 hits’. They will have 3 turns at first, but every hit will reduce 1 turn.
    • Stats: Their overpowered stats have been balanced.
    • You can now summon only one of each.
      • Even if you have multiple Onmyoujis, you can only summon 1 Paper Turtle and the same applies to Paladin’s Believe Aegis.
      • However, you can summon 1 Paper Turtle and 1 Believe Aegis since they are two different skills.

Expedition Improvements

  • Reduced the dungeon sizes and the number of monsters by 75% of the current sizes and numbers.
  • A Crew member with the lowest HP will now be recovered by the “HP Recovery” buff from “Debris”.
  • Reduced the chances of consumables being contaminated from 100% to 50% after completing an expedition.
  • If you discover a boss monster, the location of the boss monster will now be visible on the map during your expedition.

Town Improvements

  • Training Camp
    • When learning a new skill, the skill level will also be passed on. It’d be much easier for you to nurture new Corps Crews with higher skill levels with only 1 Skill Point.
    • You will only obtain favorable jinxes after modifying jinxes. After you hit the maximum limit, your jinxes will not be changed to new jinxes through leveling up and cursed equipment.
    • Increased the maximum number of jinxes per crew from 6 to 10.
  • Expedition Center
    • Senior Corps Crew with higher levels will now appear without having any jinxes.
  • Others
    • Reduced the effect time took to evaluate, fuse, disassemble equipment and modify jinxes.

Doomsday Clock

  • Before the expedition, the pop-up warning about the expected penalty will be clearly displayed.
  • During the expedition, the Doomsday clock’s expected movement will also be calculated and displayed together with the Complete Rate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the “Hide” effect remains regardless of the leader after a battle ends while Shadow Blade was hiding.
  • Fixed an issue where the Complete Rate appears abnormally when entering an expedition right after changing the language.
  • Fixed an issue where players can’t enter certain areas in the map due to a Light Flower’s abnormal location.
  • Fixed the abnormal drop rates of accessories.
  • Fixed an issue where high-level monsters hit Corps Crew first even if Corps Crew initiate the battle.
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