The Best Selling DSiWare Games of All Time 

  1. 10 Second Run
  2. Itsudemo Bomberman
  3. Photo Fighter X
  4. Micro Organisms
  5. Mario Clock
  6. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
  7. Kuuki Yomi DS
  8. Paper Plane
  9. Zomgeri Panic
  10. Chotto Dr. Mario

Notes: Period counted 01 November 2008 – 03 January 2020 with numbers for Japan only. Ferrari GT: Evolution and UNO were both removed and likely would otherwise be featured. #11 – #20 are Dragon Quest Wars, Are? DS ga Sakasa Desu Kedo Gyaku Shooting, Mario Calculator, Handy Hockey, SIMPLE DS Series Vol. 5, Bird & Beans, Nazo no Mini Game, Sleep Recording Alarm Clock™, Anonymous Notes – From The Abyss –, and Jaseiken Necromancer: Nightmare Reborn.

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