New Year’s Eve Update:Untitled Goose Game Sells 1 Million, Plus More News!

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● The last daily update of 2019. Thanks to all for your support of my blog for the past 12 months! Panic announced that Untitled Goose Game has sold more than one million units on Switch, PC, Mac, PS4, and XB1.

● Aniplex announced the cooking adventure game Mainichi♪ Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan (Everyday Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family) for release on the Japanese Switch eShop in Spring 2020. Promo video and key visual posted here.

Pokémon Sword / Shield saw an increase in Magikarp found in Max Raid Battles for the next few days with more chance of obtaining a Shiny Magikarp.

● Rayark announced that DEEMO Version 3.6 is “coming soon”. Check out the trailer and list of new songs here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw Isabelle’s Tranquil Tearoom garden event, Reissue Crafting for Japanese-style items, Pop Quiz: Winter Inn, the Kimono Collection 2020 (pictured here), and the Snug Celebration seasonal event all begin.

Dragalia Lost saw the Summon Showcase, New Year’s Tidings: A Clawful Caper with featured adventurers Mitsuhide and Nobunaga and featured dragon Daikokuten (details and video here, the New Year’s Tidings: A Clawful Caper raid event (details here), and the Notte’s Slumber Shot shoot ’em up mini-game all begin.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Summoning Focus: Tempest Trials+ featuring Lethe: Gallia’s Valkyrie, Ranulf: Friend of Nations, and Selkie: Free Spirit begin.

Persona 5 the Stage will be returning in Japan in October 2020 (thanks to NoJohns_Game_Player).

● Denjin☆Getcha! segments for both Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers and Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate here.