Bound Hero Battle Revival: Leif & Nanna

Bound Hero Battle: Leif & Nanna is back in Fire Emblem Heroes‘ Special Maps. Orbs await those who take on Hard through Infernal modes! Special Maps: Rival Domains update, Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter phase, Røkkr Sieges round 2, and Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 10 detailed below…

Update – Special Maps: Rival Domains

This week, you’ll earn a bonus for defeating foes with cavalry allies. Create a brigade and try to destroy the enemy fortress! For instructions and tips on Rival Domains, see the in-game notification.

Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter

Mjölnir’s Strike: Counter phase is now active. Use your Counter Arrows wisely! Save them for the latter half, or use the Weaker Bonus to triple your power! Players who didn’t participate in the Shield phase can still join in.

Røkkr Sieges Round 2

In round 2 of Røkkr Sieges, face shadowy Røkkr that have taken the shape of Heroes like the Black Knight and Zelgius! Build a team with advantages against the Røkkr’s weapon and movement types. You can earn rewards like Orbs and Hero Feathers based on your performance.

Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 10

5★ Heroes who appeared before the start of Book II appear as focus Heroes in this week’s summoning focus revival. 5★ focus Heroes have an initial appearance rate of 4%! Available Heroes are Ayra: Astra’s Wielder, Olwen: Blue Mage Knight, and Amelia: Rose of the War.

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