This Week’s Japanese Switch Releases

This week’s line-up of games releasing in Japan include the pictured Warriors Orichi Ultimate 4 from Koei Tecmo, BUSTAFELLOWS from Extend, D.C.4: Da Capo4 from Entergram, ESP Ra.De.Ψ from M2, Terraria from Spike Chunsoft, Baba Is You from Hempuli, GeminiArms from Regista, Hexagroove from Ichigoichie, Monster Rancher from Koei Tecmo, Witch & Hero 2 from Flyhigh Works, and more. Check out the current list of games below and look out for the full line-up complete with prices and artwork later in the week.

Nintendo Switch Retail

BUSTAFELLOWS (Cultural Broadcasting Extend) ¥6,930

D.C.4 ~Da Capo4~ (Entergram) ¥4,950

ESP Ra.De.Ψ (M2) ¥4,950

Musou OROCHI3 Ultimate (Koei Tecmo Games) ¥8,580

Musou OROCHI3 Ultimate Deluxe Edition (Koei Tecmo Games) ¥9,680

Petoons Party (Cosen) ¥3,900

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition (Game Source Entertainment) ¥4,818

Terraria (Spike Chunsoft) ¥4,180

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪Repeat LOVE for Nintendo Switch (BROCCOLI)

Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen (Prototype) ¥6,100

Nintendo Switch Digital

64.0 (indienova) ¥310

Anarcute (Digital Bards) ¥1,500

Ashen (Annapurna Interactive) ¥4,40

Baba Is You (Hempuli) ¥1,600

Black Swordsman ーAru Shinigami no Monogatariー (Rainy Frog) ¥500

Blasphemous (Team17) ¥2,750 (🇬🇧) Switch-DL

Bokura no School Battle (SAT-BOX) ¥1,450

Croc’s World 3 (Croc’s World!Wani-kun no Daibouken3) (Sprakelsoft) ¥555

Damsel (eastasiasoft) ¥1,780

Fable of Fairy Stones (Regista) ¥1,496

Finger Surfer (Forever Entertainment) ¥500

Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special (City Connection) ¥2,900

Gear.Club Unlimited2 Limited Edition Porsche Series Edition (3goo) ¥5,830

GeminiArms (Regista) ¥1,496

Hexagroove:Tactical DJ (Ichigoichie) ¥3,350

Horizon Chase Turbo (AQUIRIS) ¥1,980 (🇬🇧)

Jurassic Excite (BIG BOYS STUDIO) ¥580

Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate~Bara no Seibo~ (Entergram) ¥6,050

Lethis Han’ei e no Michi (Plug In Digital) ¥1,980

Link-a-Pix DELUXE (Rainy Frog) ¥800

Majo to Yuusha II (Flyhigh Works) ¥500

Monster Farm (Koei Tecmo Games) ¥1,960

NoReload Heroes (Forever Entertainment) ¥1,000 (🇯🇵)

Princess Maker Yumemiru Yousei (CFK) ¥3,300

Retimed (Stray Fawn) ¥1,520

Risky Rescue (Forever Entertainment) ¥500

Shadows of Adam (CIRCLE Ent.) ¥1,500

Sukatto Yokouchi Puzzle Ghost Hammer (careuX) ¥2,480

Tsukue de Ping Pong Racket Pack A Set (Prototype) ¥1,000

Tsukue de Yakyuu Uniform Pack A Set (Prototype) ¥1,000

Violett to Kimyou na Sekai (Forever Entertainment) ¥1,000


Arcade Archives Exciting Hour (Hamster) ¥838

Nintendo Switch Retail Only

Obakeidoro! (Freestyle Games) ¥3,278

Overcooked Special Edition + Overcooked2 (Pocket) ¥4,950

Rockman & Rockman X 5in1 Special BOX (Capcom) ¥10,889

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