Wednesday Update:Dr. Mario World, Indie World, Sports Story, Tetris 99, Axiom Verge 2, Plus Much More News!

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● As expected, the Japanese Indie World presentation featured somewhat different content from the earlier English version although mostly localised games. The highlight of both showcases is the sequel to Golf Story, Sports Story from Sidebar Games, which will be a Switch exclusive. Check out our full recap of Indie World at this post.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will see a “Bringing Back the ’80s” tournament this weekend featuring characters and stages from the 1980’s. Check out the full list of rules, available fighters, and stages at this post.

TETRIS 99 updated to to Version 2.1.0 adding the new Team Battle Mode. Check out more details and screenshots at here (with patch notes to follow once available).

● Bandai Namco Entertainment updated Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch Version! to Version 1.2.0 adding the new Online Ranking Match. More details, videos, and screenshots at this post.

● Nippon Ichi Software will publish the RPG Eiyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki III (The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 3) in Japan on 19 March 2020 priced at ¥7,678. Videos and screenshots at this older post.

● The release window for the X-Men and Fantastic Four DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is by 30 April 2020 and 31 July 2020 respectively.

● Flyhigh Works confirmed they’ll be publishing Sports Story on the Japanese Switch eShop this Summer. Trailer and screenshots posted here.

● Qureate announced a new adult escape adventure game Prison Princess for release on the Japanese Switch eShop on 30 January 2020 priced at ¥1,980.

● Following the western Indie World presentation: Phoenix Labs published the online action-RPG Dauntless on the Switch eShop worldwide as a free download. Launch trailer posted here.

● D3 Publisher and DICO announced the platformer Gleamlight for Spring release on the Switch eShop priced at ¥1,980. Trailer and screenshots posted here.

● Coatsink Software will be localising the cute puzzle platformer PHOGS! in Japan in Spring 2020 as the new name of “Inu Inu”. Trailer posted here.

● Hempuli will be bringing the acclaimed puzzler Baba Is You to the Japanese Switch next week (16 December) priced at ¥1,600 with preloads now live. Japanese trailer posted here.

● YUNUO GAMES have a more approximate release window for their online shooter SYNAPTIC DRIVE with a worldwide date of Spring 2020. The latest trailer posted here.

● The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild will be publishing David Evans’ high-seas adventure game Sail Forth on the Japanese Switch eShop in 2020 priced at ¥1,500. Trailer and screenshots posted here.

● Team17 announced the survival sandbox game The Survivalists on the Switch eShop worldwide in 2020. The game is set in the Escapists universe. Trailer and screenshots posted here.

● Nussoft’s 3D crab-fighting game Fight Crab will now release for Switch in Summer 2020. Trailer posted here.

● Marvelous moved the platformer Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (known in Japan as “Tensui no Sakuna-Hime”) to a 2020 release window. I’m unsure whether it will be just a digital release. Trailer posted here.

● Cold Fusion will be bringing their smartphone puzzle game Crystal Clash to the Japanese Switch eShop in June 2020 priced at ¥800. Trailer posted here.

● Streamline Media Group announced the cute party brawler Bake ’n Switch for Summer 2020 release on the Switch eShop worldwide. Trailer posted here.

● Mediatonic will publish the detective adventure puzzle game Murder by Numbers for Switch eShop release in early 2020. The Japanese name will be “Puzzle Tantei Scout Ushinawareta Data no Inbou”. Trailer posted here.

● Glass Bottom Games announced the bird skateboard game SkateBIRD for worldwide eShop release in the second half of 2020. Trailer posted here.

● Kitfox Games announced Boyfriend Dungeon – a dating sim-dungeon crawler mashup – for Switch release in 2020. Trailer posted here.

● Triband Productions will be publishing the anti-golf game What the Golf? on the Japanese Switch eShop this Winter.Trailer posted here.

● Chucklefish will be bringing the indie adventure game Eastward to the Japanese Switch eShop in 2020. Trailer posted here.

● Thunderful Publishing will publish the mountain biking game Lonely Mountains: Downhill not he Japanese Switch eShop in the Spring priced at ¥2,499. Trailer posted here.

● Digital Bards will be bringing the super cute riot simulation game Anarcute to the Japanese Switch eShop next week (19 December) priced at ¥1,500, with preloads live from 12 December. Trailer posted here.

● Liquid Bit will finally localise the strategic team platform game Killer Queen Black in Japan in Summer 2020. Trailer posted here.

● Subset Games will be localising the turn-based strategy game Into the Breach in Japan in Spring 2020. Trailer posted here.

● 505 Games have dated the underwater adventure game ABZÛ for Japan in February 2020 priced at ¥2,468. Trailer posted here.

● TinyBuild Games will be localising the cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper in Japan later this Winter. Trailer posted here.

● MUTAN’s fighting game Goonya Fighter will see new character, costume, and ruleset DLC on 12 December.

● Hamster updated Arcade Archives HYPER SPORTS fixing a bug where you couldn’t upload a score when playing more than two laps in high score mode.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updated to Version 3.0.1 preparing for tomorrow’s fishing tourney and fixing bugs (detailed here).

Dr. Mario World will see the pictured Dr. Baby Rosalina and Dr. Kamek arrive tomorrow as new doctors. New stages are also confirmed with new assistants expected (but unconfirmed).

Dragalia Lost will see the new Summon Showcase, Dragonyule Defenders 2 and the facility event revival, The Miracle of Dragonyule both begin tomorrow (look out for a separate post then!).

Fire Emblem Heroes saw Grand Hero Battle – Kempf: Conniving General arrive. Artwork and event calendar posted here.

Mario Kart Tour saw Part 2 of the London Tour with Waluigi (Bus Driver) added to the pipe. Check out more details and artwork here. The game also updated to Version 1.4.0 where you can now see more information about other players in your ranking tier.

Yo-kai Watch 4++ failed to make the top 10 in the Japanese software charts, opening with under 11,521 sales. Pokémon Sword / Shield is number one for the fourth week selling a further 201,838. Nintendo Switch hardware sold a massive 188,501. Check out the full top 10 here.

● This week’s Weekly Famitsu review scores include Warriors Orochi Ultimate 4 with 34/40, ESP Ra.De.Ψ with 32/40, Kaminazo with 31/40, and Gunlord X with 28/40

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (7974.T) stock dropped today by -630 (1.36%) in Japan to close trading for the day at 45,740.00 JPY.

● In games not confirmed for Japan (although inevitable): Streets of Rage 4 is coming to Switch in the first half of 2020 and adds Adam Hunter (trailer here). Thomas Happ Games announced Axiom Verge 2 for Fall 2020 (trailer here).

● Ben Judd has stepped down as CEO of Dangen Entertainment with Dan Stern taking over as interim CEO. Check out the full statement here.

● Promo video for the Ultra Pack 2 DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch here.

● Prologue movies for Krie and Lyon in Genso Manege (Rêver d’un manège) here.

● The sixth (and all six) gameplay trailers for BUSTAFELLOWS here.

● Japanese trailer for Coffee Talk here.

● Japanese trailer for Hexagroove: Tactical DJ here.

● Japanese trailer for Megaquarium here.

● Japanese trailer for Defenders of Ekron: Definitive Edition here.

● Thanks to Brion Furnell Creative for design, Naruki for news tips, BlackKite for translations, anonymous for support, and to everybody for following. Please also check out my Toad fansite, follow me on Twitter, and buy me a coffee!

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