Fishing Tourney on Now!

Fishing Tourney (Blue Jazz) has begun in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with the Fishing Tourney Support Pack also now available. Post updated with the full list of fish, rewards, trophies, and more pictured below…

How to Play

Catch some tourney fish!

During this event, you can catch special tourney fish at Lost Lure Creek. Use these fish to complete tasks in the Fishing Tourney!

platinum pale chub
platinum black bass
platinum catfish
platinum gar

You’ll recognize a tourney fish by its sparkling shadow in the water. When you see one, try to catch it!

Give your fish to Chip!

After you catch some tourney fish, bring them to Chip and he’ll measure them for you.

If you reach a total-size goal, Chip will give you a reward!

Check out all these cool rewards! How many do you think you’ll get?

Chip Challenges

During the event, you will receive rewards for completing Chip Challenges! After you complete a challenge, press the Claim button next to your reward in the Chip Challenges list!

■ Chip Challenge Rewards

Helpful Tools

Catch two fish at once with the golden rod!

If you use Leaf Tickets to rent the golden rod from Chip, you’ll catch two tourney fish each time, so long as tourney fish are available to be caught.

Land the big one with a tourney throw net!

You can catch many tourney fish at once by using a tourney throw net!

· tourney throw net
· lg. tourney throw net

Rank Up Your Trophy!

When you reach certain total-size goals, the rank of your trophy will increase. If you increase your trophy’s rank to gold fish trophy, you’ll have a special conversation with Chip.

Rank up your trophy to see it!

Earn a Special Reward!

Great news for campers who love fishing! After you earn the gold fish trophy, there will be more rewards lined up. When you reach a certain total size, you’ll receive a random special reward!

This time it’s the blue vibraphone and sparkle stone map!

Go for the gold, and beyond!

Win a Trophy!

After the Fishing Tourney ends, all players who turned in at least one fish to Chip will receive a trophy corresponding to the total size of their tourney fish, so don’t forget to log in after the Fishing Tourney is over!

■ Trophy Pickup
From 19/11/2019 at 6:00 a.m UTC. to 20/11/2019 at 5:59 a.m UTC.

The total size of the tourney fish you caught will be recorded on the trophy you get for that tourney. You can check out your total size record by going to Items, tapping on the trophy, and tapping Details.

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