Konami have updated CONTRA ROGUE CORPS with a number of changes and adjustments with more updates to come. Check out the full patch notes and details about future updates below. Buy the game here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

・Some of the startup equipment now equipped with a B.A.D which reduces the weapon overheat rate.
・Changed the unlock requirements of Exploration Mission and Couch Co-Op so that they are playable straight after the Tutorial.
・Increased the base damage of Special Weapons.
・Increased the base damage of Bombs.
・Increased the base damage of Kaiser’s skill: Magnum Ignition.
・Increased the range Damned Spirits are pulled in from.
・Adjusted the BGM volume.
・Slightly adjusted the default controller sensitivity (Switch only).
・Slightly adjusted the native resolution (Switch only).

The following updates are expected to be released soon.

・Increase the drop rates of Core Parts in Main Missions.
・Increase the amount of credits earned in Main Missions.
・Adjust Carnage League balance.
・Greatly improve the overheating parameters of main weapons.
・Improve control responsiveness in Single Player mode.

*Please note that the details above may be subject to change.

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