Nintendo & Intelligent Systems Apply For Multiplayer Patent

Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. have applied for a new “Information processing” patent (特開2019-180720) in Japan. The patent aims to improve interest in a multiplayer game taking into account virtual points performed by a plurality of users belonging to a plurality of teams. No specific title is alluded to in the 37 page document other than just a “battle game”, with this patent based on the result of said battle game, adding the scores of the virtual area for each team. A determination is then performed on the basis of this score, which is stored in the storage device. After this has been performed a plurality of times, the result of the multiplayer game is then satisfied. The patent also states that its description is merely illustrative, and various modifications and variations may be made.

The application makes reference to a 2017 Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. patent (特開2017-046918) whose main purpose was to provide a game system capable of maintaining game balance when an enemy opponent appears. The Nintendo and Intelligent Systems patent aims to improve upon the aspect of Konami’s patent that relates to virtual points scored by a plurality of users. Select images used in both applications added below, including a couple translated from Japanese into English. Please note that example 1 image appears to show a smartphone or tablet, although this maybe for illustrative purposes only as the patent specifies that the terminal in question may refer to a smartphone, a tablet, a personal computer, or a portable or stationary game device. Read about Intelligent Systems’ カクトデール (Kakutodale) trademark at this post. Thanks to J-PlatPat.

特開2019-180720 (Nintendo Co., Ltd. & Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd.)

特開2017-046918 (Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.)

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