TIME Talk With Nintendo President

Nintendo Co., Ltd. President Shuntaro Furukawa recently spoke with TIME saying that “Nintendo is Nintendo because of our games, characters and IP,” and talks about giving the development teams freedom: “Expansion can’t happen without the freedom to try something new, and the courage to step into unfamiliar territory.”

Furukawa also talks about how essential it is to provide a quality experience for the consumer: “Nintendo continues to search for new ways to enhance the fun that people can have through their gaming experience.”

On mobile gaming, Furukawa says that monetisation is decided upon on an app basis: “It’s something we decide looking at the game content of each app, as well as the IP used and the player that we’re targeting. We also look at how we can best have the players enjoy the game, as well as how they would be comfortable in spending money.”

Finally, Furukawa is asked whether Nintendo are modelling thier business strategy after Disney: “We’ve never tried to imitate any other company” … “the idea of using our IP in things like theme parks or movies is simply an extension of the philosophy we’ve had all along.”

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