New Yokai Reveal For Paid Yo-kai Watch 4 Update

Level-5 have revealed details of the upcoming paid update for Yo-kai Watch 4 which is scheduled for 2019 and finally unlocks Multiplayer where you can enjoy new battles with friends and family! It adds a whole lot more extra yokai will appear, along with many other various revisions incoming! Full list of yokai added below Many thanks to BlackKite for the translations. Buy the game here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off!

Doyapon (Light Side) <-> Doudanuki (Shadow Side)

Oogama [Great Toad] (Light Side)

Tsuchigumo [Earth Spider] (Light Side)

Bushinyan (Light & Shadow Sides)

Shurakoma (Light & Shadow Sides)

Kakurenbou (Light Side) <-> Inaiinaibaa (Shadow Side)

Kezurin (Light Side) <-> Jinkotsu Kezuri [Human Bone Shaver] (Shadow Side)

Dameboy [From Dame (you can’t do it) + Boy] (Light Side) <-> Zettai Guardman [Absolute Guardman] (Shadow Side)

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