Small Weekend Update:Hobonichi Say That Mother 4 Is Not Being Made But Are Glad If Someone Else Makes It!

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Just a small weekend update: Nintendo Dream spoke with two employees of Shigesato Itoi’s Hobonichi company who said that Mother 4 is not being made, it’s impossible for Itoi to make it, but he’d be glad if someone else did. Read the full translation here .

● Arc System Works announced that Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun Gaiden River City Girls will release for Nintendo Switch in Japan on 05 September where it is expected to be digital only.

● UNTIES will be updating Fushigi no Gensokyo -Lotus Labyrinth- to Version 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 shortly. The former will fix bugs whilst the former will add new elements and dungeons.

Dragalia Lost saw a Daily Free Summon Event with Flames of Reflection and Summon Showcase: Dragon Special showcases available. Summon Showcase: Dragon Special also began with the featured dragons Nyarlathotep, Pazuzu, and Nidhogg profiled here. Finally, Astral Raids have begun with the featured boss Hypnos profiled here.

● Nintendo acknowledged the network issues in Dr. Mario World where players may have difficulty accessing the game intermittently, and promised in-game gifts to all players in the future with information on this coming soon.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw an update to Special Maps: Rival Domains where this week, you’ll earn a bonus for defeating foes with flying allies. The next Grande Hero Battle, featuring Kronya: Gleaming Blade, was announced for 03 August.