Monolith Soft Open Osaki Studio

Monolith Soft have announced that they have officially opened their Osaki Studio at Osaki MT Building 12th floor, 5-9-11 Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0001. The company have also posted a number of job listings which have been translated for us below by BlackKite

Emergency Recruitment


1st (Takahashi) Production

  • Drawing-type Programmer
  • Character Control Programmer
  • AI Programmer
  • Map Planner (Level Designer)
  • Modeling TA
  • Rigging Artist / Animation TA
  • Effect TA
  • Map Modeler
  • In-Game Animator
  • Character Modeler
  • Character Designer (Artwork Staff)
  • Script Event Creator -Production Assistant
  • Event Production Advancer

Year-Round Recruitment


Management Support

  • Project Manager [Pickup]
  • System Management Staff [New]
  • Business Assistant Staff [New]


  • Network Programmer
  • Character Control Programmer (Action Part) [Pickup]
  • UI Programmer
  • System/Framework Programmer [Pickup]
  • Tool/Environment Maintenance Programmer [Pickup]
  • Technical Direction
  • Effect Programmer [New]


  • Battle Planner
  • Map Planner (Level Designer) [Pickup]
  • UI/UX Planner
  • Scenario Planner
  • Quest Planner [Pickup]
  • Planner (Action Part) [Pickup]

Technical Artist

  • Modeling TA [New]
  • Rigging Artist / Animation TA [New]
  • Effect TA [New]


  • Main Character Designer [Pickup]
  • Character Modeler [Pickup]
  • Map Modeler [Pickup]
  • In-Game Animator [Pickup]
  • Game Effect Designer [Pickup]
  • Character Designer
  • Concept Art Designer [Pickup]
  • Event Animator
  • Event Production Staff [Pickup]
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Event Effect Designer



  • 3DCG Designer [Pickup]
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