Monday Update:Final Mario Tennis Aces Roster, Hatsune Miku Coming to Switch, Nintendo Shares Highest For 9 Months, Plus More News!

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A little over a year after its release, Mario Tennis Aces welcomed its final new character with Dry Bowser playable for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers who complete at least one match in the July Online Tournament. Dry Bowser makes the 30th participant in the game, making it one of the most impressive rosters in a Nintendo game…

● In other new additions to the Mario Tennis Aces game: Wario and Waluigi classic overalls are also available in the July Tournament for 500 and 1,000 points respectively, with coloured Shy Guys available from the Shy Guy Train Tussle co-op challenge mode. Check out images of Wario, Waluigi, Shy Guys, the full roster, as well as the introduction video for Dry Bowser here. Whilst there will be no new characters from the August Online Tournament onwards, the Bonus Play Costume will be coloured variations of Koopa Troopa and Koopa Paratroopa. Previous costumes will be rotated in from September.

● After two Nintendo 3DS entries, and probably 100’s of themes; Hatsune Miku is making the move to Nintendo Switch with what is also the first Project DIVA game on a Nintendo platform. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MEGA39’s is scheduled for release in early 2020 in Japan including 101 songs, 10 new to the Switch version, which is said to debut an exclusive new mode. Over 300 outfits are also included with the graphics more anime based as opposed to the chibi style found on 3DS. Watch the debut promo video here and stay-tuned for more news soon!

● The next TETRIS 99 Maximus Cup event (or Grand Prix in Europe and Teto 1 Cup in Japan) will have a Splatoon 2 theme when it’s live (12-16 July) with the theme free to all players that score 100 event points.

● Continuing the Splatoon 2 theme: next week’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit event will be called Spiritoon and will run from 12-14 July with Splatoon series spirits appearing on an hourly basis.

● Take-Two Interactive Japan today announced NBA 2K20 will release in Japan on 06 September. The game will release worldwide for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Teaser trailer posted here.

● Koei Tecmo Games announced that Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (I’ll call it by its finalised English name now) will see a special livestream on 09 July at 21:00 JST.

● Check out our translated Weekly Famitsu review for Yo-kai Watch 4, which scored an impressive 37/40, here.

● Making announced the board game 3-Biki no Kobuta to Oukami (literally “The Three Little Pigs and Wolf”) for release on the Japanese Switch eShop later this week (04 July) priced at ¥3,300. Check out the promo video here and this week’s current eShop line-up here.

Teyon Japan say they are preparing five Nintendo Switch games for release in Japan, although there’s no indication as to what at present. The company’s biggest title is Human: Fall Flat which outsold all other download-only games on the Japanese Switch eShop last year.

Kakehashi Games are also preparing 20 new titles for Japan, although no mention of what titles or what platforms. The company marked their 100th Nintendo Switch localisation on 20 May this year.

Ise Shima Mystery Annai Itsuwari no Kuro Shinju will see ‘Soundtrack Mode’ DLC from 04 July priced at ¥500. The sequel has all but got its physical version funded over on Camp-Fire.

● Tripper Room announced that the Touhou Project 2D action game Yoiyami Dreamer: Voice of the Dreambringer has gone gold with a Japanese Switch eShop release date set to be announced very soon.

Toraware no Palm preloads are now live on the Japanese Switch eShop priced at ¥3,990 for the standard edition or ¥5,990 for the Deluxe Edition which includes additional content packs (which are each priced at ¥1,500). Promo video posted here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp saw Francine’s Sea Cookie newly available. Check out the full list of items, special memory starring Francine, Peanut, and Tex, and video here.

Dragalia Lost saw the limit on rewards which can be redeemed in the Void Battles Treasure Trade and the purchase count for valuable items that have set monthly purchase counts from the shop updated.

Fire Emblem Heroes saw the first round of Voting Gauntlet: Headband Brawl begin with Jeorge vs Gray, Barst vs Tibarn, Sue vs Mia, and Sanaki vs Olivia.

Super Mario Maker 2 amassed 203 pts at COMG! with Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu opening with 87 pts, and Yo-kai Watch 4‘s second week being 50 pts. The same top three also appear in TSUTAYA and GEO with the latter reporting that sales of the standard Super Mario Maker 2 set are three times that of the online set.

● In approval ratings from the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders:-

Shuntaro Furukawa
For: 859,640
Against: 56,655
Abstained: 4,882
Approval rate: 92.04%

Shigeru Miyamoto
For: 897,870
Against: 23,299
Abstained: 14
Approval rate: 96.13%

Shinya Takahashi
For: 909,670
Against: 11,501
Abstained: 14
Approval rate: 97.39%

Ko Shiota
For: 909,741
Against: 11,430
Abstained: 14
Approval rate: 97.40%

Satoru Shibata
For: 909,743
Against: 11,428
Abstained: 14
Approval rate: 97.40%

● The latest My Nintendo rewards in Japan are for a second Super Mario Maker 2 (priced at 0 Platinum Points), and the return of the Nintendo Switch Online 7 day free trial ticket (priced at 100 Platinum Points). Check out our Rewards page here.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. shares increased by +560 (1.42%) in Japan today to close trading for the week at 40,050.00 JPY – the highest level since early October 2018!

Super Mario Maker 2 also topped the UK charts with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled down to number two, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is up to number five, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night climbs to number nine, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate returns to close out the top 10.

● San-ei Boeki announced a set of Super Mario Maker 2 plushies for Japan this October. Preorder here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off.

● Shigesato Itoi’s Hobonichi label will release the Iwata-San book (which features writings of former Nintendo Co., Ltd. President Satoru Iwata) on 30 July priced at ¥1,836 ($17). Check out the website here. The website reads “The oveaseas publication of this book is under consideration, in consultation with our agent. We will announce our decision once it is made.” I’ll make a separate post once I have preorder links!

● A Japanese promo video for the Splatoon 2 Final Fest Splatocalypse here (I’ll do a separate post for all the new artwork once finished!).

● The debut trailer for Ge-Sen Love。~Plus Pengo!~ (Arcade Love: Plus Pengo!) here. here.

● DANGEN Entertainment playing Super Mario Maker 2 here and Overcooked 2 here.

● And the latest Virus Vid for Dr. Mario World here.

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