Dry Bowser Now Playable!

If you play at least one match of the July tournament in Mario Tennis Aces, you’ll be able to use the new character Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser is a special Defensive-type character type whose racket will not get damaged even if he fails to block his opponent’s Zone Shot. Unlike regular Bowser, the blue-flame-breathing Dry Bowser is good at hitting slice shots and can hit an especially powerful backhand.

If you play a match in the July Online Tournament and collect the necessary bonus points, you will acquire Wario and Waluigi in classic overalls. The Shy Guy Train Tussle co-op challenge mode has also returned where you could get Sky Blue, Orange, or Pink Shy Guys. Wario and Luigi pictured below along with coloured Shy Guys and Dry Bowser trailer. Full roster pictured here.

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