Monkey Wall Dated

Cosen have announced that the martial arts action puzzle game Monkey Wall will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan on 24 January priced at around ¥500 (U.S. price is $4.99!). Thanks again to naruki. Playable monkeys pictured below..

Name: Monkee

Martial-art: Karate

Description: An upbeat monkey who loves music.

Name: Heehee

Martial-art: Muay-Thai

Description: A sharp baboon, fast on his feet and takes care of his physique.

Name: Kuu

Martial-art: Kung -fu

Description: A specter lemur who loves strong opponents and is always happy.

Name: Lee

Martial-art: Jeet Kune Do

Description: A ring-tailed lemur and future movie star who takes cool to the next level.

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