Wednesday Update: Meltan’s Evolution, Ushiro And Atelier Lulua Confirmed, Plus Much More News!

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● The top story is the Meltan evolution which is Melmetal (pictured above). Meltan can only evolve into Melmetal in Pokémon GO (requiring 400 Meltan Candies) and can then be transferred into the Pokémon Let’s Go! games. Trailer added here.

● I also haven’t covered today’s supposed leaks for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as I’m sceptical (but open to being wrong!). Just google ‘Smash leaks’ if you aren’t currently aware and are curious!

● Level-5 President Akihiro Hino was interviewed in this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu and confirms that Ushiro will be coming to Nintendo Switch, although there’s no release window (development hasn’t even started yet!). Check out this week’s Famitsu Most Wanted (to be posted soon) with votes for the game!

● Weekly Famitsu also confirms that Lulua no Atelier ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi4 (Atelier Lulua: The Alchemist of Arland 4) will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019 priced at ¥8,424 or ¥11,664 for a limited edition.

● 5pb. announced that Robotics;Notes Elite will release in Japan on 22 November, the same day as Robotics;Notes DaSH with a Double Pack also coming. Opening movie for Robotics;Notes DaSH here.

● Arc System Works announced the latest work in the ‘Wizard’s Harmony’ series Wizard’s Symphony for Nintendo Switch will release on 28 February priced at ¥7,344.

● Sega Game President Haruki Satomi revealed that Puyo Puyo eSports will be ¥500 (reduced from ¥1,999) until 30 November. Livestream video added here.

● This week’s two Hamster games are the the fighting game ACA NEOGEO Fuuun Mokushiroku 〜Kakutou Sousei〜 (Savage Reign) and the shoot ‘em up Arcade Archives ASO (Alpha Mission) with both priced at the usual ¥823.

● Flyhigh Works updated DEEMO to Version 1.4 which adds in the Piano Toy-Con support. The retail game releases in Japan in a few hours!

● SAT-BOX announced their hit smartphone game Bokura no Keshigomu Otoshi (Drop Eraser) for the Japanese Switch eShop on 08 November priced at ¥1,400 although it’s currently 30% off at the preload price of ¥980.

● Nippon Ichi Software announced the deck building RPG Hand of Fate 2 for the Japanese Switch eShop 22 November priced at ¥2,700. Trailer added here.

● Teyon Japan announced the adventure game Manual Samuel ~Shinigami to no Yakusoku~ for the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 November) priced at ¥1,000 with preloads live.

● Rainy Frog announced the casual game Timberman VS Edition also for the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 November) priced at just ¥200.

● PLAYISM announced the 2.5D shooter Astebreed for the Japanese Switch eShop on 08 November priced at ¥2,000 although it’s currently 10% off at the preload price of ¥1,800.

● CIRCLE Ent. announced the roguelike beat-‘em-up Streets of Red – Akuma no Chousen Deluxe (Streets of Red – Devil’s Dare Deluxe) for the Japanese Switch eShop next week (01 November) priced at ¥1,000 with preloads now live.

● Ubisoft announced the puzzle adventure game Valiant Hearts: The Great War for the Japanese Switch eShop on 08 November priced at ¥2,592 with preloads now live.

● Amanita Design announced the point-and-click game Machinarium for the Japanese Switch eShopnext week (01 November) priced at ¥1,000.

● Annapurna Interactive today published the first-person exploration game Gone Home on the Japanese Switch eShop at ¥1,500.

● Today’s demos in Japan were the adventure game PLANET ALPHA from Team17 and the rhythm game Just Shapes & Beats from Berzerk Studio.

● And Epic Games updated Fortnite to v6.20 adding the Fortnitemares 2018 event featuring Cube Monsters and more. Details, patch notes and trailer here.

Luigi Mansion is now available to preload on the Japanese 3DS eShop priced at ¥5,378 (the full game releases in Japan on 08 November).

● Bandai Namco will remove the RPG One Piece ROMANCE DAWN Bouken no Yoake and the action game Toriko Ultimate Survival from the Japanese 3DS eShop along with the demo for Toriko on 31 October at 12:00 JST with both currently priced at ¥6,151. No reason was given for the removals, but they’re likely due to licensing issues.

● Bergsala Lightweight will also remove the beat ‘em up Baymax Heroes Battle (Disney Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay) from the Japanese 3DS eShop on 31 October at 09:00 JST where it is currently priced at ¥4,104. No reason was given for the removal but again likely due to licensing issues.

● PQube announced that they are releasing the visual novel Our World Is Ended physically on Switch in the West in 2019.

● Modus Games announced they will be publishing Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince on Switch (Frozenbyte are developing).

Super Mario Party sold 36,381 in its third week in Japan, Dark Souls Remastered opened with 14,646 and Crash Bandicoot: Buttobi San-dan Mori! Bonus Edition opened with 5,217, Nintendo Switch was the best-selling hardware for the 32nd consecutive week with 42,148. Full Nintendo charts posted here.

● Shogakukan will release an ARMS Sugo Ude Gag Fight! comic tomorrow in Japan priced at ¥630 with 128 page B6 sized pages. Teaser trailer added here.

● Nintendo are holding several in store-events where you can experience Super Mario Party released on 27 October at several Nintendo merchandising outlet nationwide. Full details (in Japanese) here.

● This week’s Weekly Famitsu review scores included Neko Tomo with 33/40, Magic Scroll Tactics with 28/40, PERFECT ANGLE: Illusion Puzzle with 28/40 and Wai Wai! Wall Challenge with 24/40.

● Check out all the introduction videos for Beyblade Burst Battle Zero here.

● The package version introduction video of DEEMO here.

● The customisation trailer for Gear.Club Unlimited 2 here.

● And all the character trailers for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth adding Marie here.

● Thanks to naruki for several news tips again today.

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