Wednesday Update with Nintendo Switch Online app improves voice chat, Fire Emblem Musou pre-load live and more news! 

● Nintendo have updated the Nintendo Switch Online app to Version 1.1.0 improving the voice chat in the app (and bluetooth for Android users). The image above copyright of Nintendo.

Fire Emblem Musou (Warriors) is now available to pre-load on the 3DS eShop where it requires 16,811 blocks and is on sale until 12 October for ¥6,609 (from ¥7,344).

Flipnote Studio 3D has been updated to Ver. 1.3.3 fixing “several problems so that you can play games comfortably”.

● Another Indie have confirmed that they will be publishing the roguelike action RPG beat’em up Lost Castle on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

● Daedalic Entertainment have also confirmed that they will be bringing the ‘futuristic thriller’ 3D adventure State of Mind to Nintendo Switch in Japan.

HORI have announced that they will be releasing an officially licensed 128 GB microSD for Nintendo Switch in October priced at a massive ¥14,018 ($127).

● Last week’s Media Create numbers: Splatoon 2 – 44,981, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – 24,045, Dragon Quest XI – 15,993, Monster Hunter XX 12,811 and Nintendo Switch hardware 45,439. I’ll post the full Famitsu charts shortly!

● The 3DS Theme Shop this week added Shirasutai, The Bears School Movie Project and five vocaloid themes. The full list (with trailers) here.

● SMG Studio Tweeted: “Our hot take on Switch 4 Indies. We sold more Death Squared on Switch in first 3 days! than all other platforms 😂”

● A 272 page Hoshi no Kirby Art & Style Collection book covering the 25th Anniversary will release on 2 November priced at ¥2,700 (no cover as of yet).

Miitomo today saw the "Cute Chinese creations! Miitomo Chinese Fashion [B]“ stage now available on Miitomo Drop. Pictures here.

Fire Emblem Heroes today saw Grand Hero Robin: Mystery Tactician waiting to challenge you again in Special Maps!

Pokémon Duel has updated to Version 4.0.3 requiring 219 MB and fixing bugs.

Puyo Puyo Tetris S has updated to Version 1.10 with balance adjustment in the ‘VS’ battles, raises the upper limit of the ‘World Puzzle League’, new title and automatic victory if opponent disconnects!

● A Masked Pikachu trailer for Pokkén Tournament DX here.

● And CoroCoro Pokémon Ultra Sun Moon spoilers via Serebii include Lycanroc getting a special Z-Move called Radial Edge Storm.

● Finally, check out my review for the Switch game Tobe yo!! Dragon! here and look out for a second update post-Direct! And thanks for following!

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