Hako Boy! 2.5th Anniversary Sale coming to Japan 

With Kirby recently celebrating his 25th Anniversary, Hako Boy is about to celebrate his 2.5th Anniversary! Nintendo will be holding an eShop sale from 15 July until 6 August with all three titles 25% off:-

  • Hako Boy! (BoxBoy!) ¥680 → ¥510
  • Hako Boy! Mouhito Hako (BoxBoxBoy!) ¥680 → ¥510
  • Sayonara! Hako Boy! (Bye-Bye BoxBoy!) ¥680 → ¥510

In addition, during the period there will be a Hako Boy! 2.5th Anniversary theme available on My Nintendo for 20 Gold Points (or from the Theme Shop for ¥200). Trailer for the theme added below…

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