Mekuru developers issue statement on online issues 

Over Fence have released a statement over on their Facebook page apologising for the constant connection issues for their poorly received battle game Battle Sports Mekuru (I scored it just 1/5 in my short review) that released for Nintendo Switch on 18 May in Japan. The full statement is posted below the bump…

Dear Fans of Mekuru,

We have received several inqueries regarding connectivity issues for online play. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we look into the situation.

We will make another announcement once we have more information on the situation.

It is possible that we will need to gather data on customer usage and network access environment. We humbly ask for your cooperation in resolving this issue.

We are working to make fixes and continually improve the game so that we can provide you, our users, with the best possible experience.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your continued patronage.

Team Mekuru