Dragon Fang dated, more Pokémon, Disney themes, Yokai Watch 3 teaser and more!

● Apologies for the late update but I’ve been playing Miitopia for hours! The lead picture is from my Christmas Tree complete with Rosalina amiibo!

Dragon Fang is finally coming to (New) Nintendo 3DS next week as a free download. Check out the website here and introduction video here. All of next week’s eShop line-up is located here.

● A new Pokémon GO update is coming soon allowing transferring multiple Pokémon at once and other improvements. New Pokémon have been confirmed with more details coming on Monday.

● The 3DS Theme Shop saw a massive update including the above two Disney (Mickey & Friends Christmas and Tsum Tsum) themes. Go to this post for details of them all.

● Two demos this week with the pictured Splat The Difference on Nintendo 3DS and Block Builder on Wii U.

● This month sees Dragon Quest Happy Meals and is the 45th year of McDonald’s Japan and 30th year of collaborative toys.

Miitomo Drop added the third and final “‘Tis the season! Happy Holidays"stage including Christmas Wreath Headpiece, Christmas Tree Dress, Christmas-Print Skirt and Ugly Santa Jumper.

● I’ll end this update now but tons more news to report upon. The final piece is 3 new TVCM’s and 5 gameplay videos from Yokai Watch 3: Sukiyaki here. Famitsu will reveal a major collaboration in next week’s issue too.

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