Miitomo × Splatoon second collaboration details

To accompany the final Splatfest, “It’s a Squid Sisters Showdown! Callie vs Marie”, Miitomo will be holding a second promo event where Miitomo users can pick a side too! Team Callie and Team Marie t-shirts are now available in the Miitomo Shop priced at 2,000 coins each. Full details of the collaboration with pics below…

1) Last Splatfest T-shirts will be available in Miitomo Shop!
Until 25/7/2016 14:59 UTC, Splatfest promo T-shirts, “Splatfest Tee (Callie)” and “Splatfest Tee (Marie)”, will be available in Miitomo Shop. So you can get the T-shirt for your favourite side to show your support for them in the Splatfest!

2) Everyone will get a Squid Badge with an original design based on the winning team!
We’ve put together Squid Badges with Callie and Marie designs for this special Splatfest showdown, and all Miitomo users will get the winning side’s badge!
(You must log in to Miitomo between 25/7/2016 6:00 UTC and 3:59 on 1st August to receive the item.)

Not only that, but the Squid Badges for both sides will be available in Miitomo Shop for a limited time!
This is a chance to get the badge from the losing side too!
(From 25/7/2016 7:00 UTC until 1/8/2016 1:59 UTC)

3) For the last part of the final Splatfest promo, we’re bringing back items from the first promo for a limited time only! So if you missed them last time, now’s your chance to get them!

Miitomo Drop: Until 14/7/2016 14:59 UTC, the Splatoon Theme stage will be available!
My Nintendo Reward: Until 15/7/2016 6:59 UTC, the Ink Tank can be obtained using Platinum Points!
Miitomo Shop: Until 15/7/2016 1:59 UTC, the Squid Badge will rejoin the line-up!

Note: Splatoon is an action-shooter game exclusively for Wii U.