Dragon Quest themed Splatfest

● Absolutely tons of news. Splatoon will hold its twelfth Splatfest from 12-13 March with either ‘Show no Mercy’ or ‘Focus on Healing’. From 14-31 March Dragon Quest X will be free to download on the Wii U eShop with Squid t-shirts (pictured here) from 9 March-14 April.

● Before the Nintendo Direct news I’ll just recap a few other tidbits: Nintendo Badge Arcade added five panels of Pokémon, three of Zelda II, two of Kid Icarus and one of Famicom Disk System badges. Nintendo’s LINE account saw Super Famicom week which conveniently brings us to the Direct…

Super Famicom Virtual Console titles have finally come to 3DS (New models only). Five titles are available immediately with Super Mario World, F-ZERO, Super Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Mother 2. Twenty one further titles have been confirmed for upcoming weeks.

● The major Wii U announcement saw Paper Mario: Color Splash which looks amazing. Nothing more concrete than ‘2016’ for release. Mario & Sonic AT Rio Olympics is more concrete at 23 June with Project Guard now Star Fox Guard and releasing on 21 April alongside Zero.

● Three new New Nintendo 3DS LL designs were announced and all look great. Firstly a blue Monster Hunter X design for 28 April and then a Super Famicom console design and a black and white Fire Emblem if design both due in April.

● In Kirby news: Kirby Planet Robobot was announced for 28 April on 3DS. Four new Kirby amiibo were announced too with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee alongside a new four-player download only title Kirby Hunters.

● And in Disney news: Disney Art Academy was announced for 7 April on 3DS. Unfortunately no Disney amiibo but there will be three Cover Plates (all Mickey Mouse) and four themes (Mickey, Little Mermaid, Stitch and Frozen) coming too.

● To round-up the Direct: Shovel Knight was finally dated for Japan with both the 3DS and Wii U version plus amiibo coming 30 June published by Nintendo. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is also due in June with Culdcept Revolt coming in July.

● Finally a Denpa Ningen no RPG FREE! guidebook is available on Amazon. Hopefully I’ll be all caught up by the weekend with all the posts but for now it’s time to play A Link to the Past on 3DS!

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