Breath of the Wild Zelda Plushie

The long-awaited Zelda plushie from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now available to pre-order. More details and images below…

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Monolith Soft Recruiting For Zelda Game

Monolith Soft are still recruiting staff for a game in The Legend of Zelda series which is likely the Breath of the Wild sequel. Positions include Technical Artists, Programmers, Planners, Designers, and Management Support. Monolith Soft are also looking for freelancers including for Character Modeler, Concept Art Designer, Scenario Planner, and Map Modeler.

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Breath of the Wild Nendoroids

The Good Smile Company are (re)releasing the The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Nendoroids on 31 January 2020 with Zelda, Link DX Edition, and standard Link. Pre-order here and use the code JPNINTENDO for 5% off – the pre-order deadline is 17 October. More pictures added below, with many more at the link.

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Good Smile Company Announce New Figures

The Good Smile Company today announced several new figures at the 2019 Wonder Festival – Summer event in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan including the pictured above Nendoroid Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ver., and the pictured below figma Splatoon Boy, figma Edelgard von Hresvelg, Nendoroid Waddle Dee, Grookey/Scorbunny/Sobble, and Nendoroid Bayonetta.

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